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Did I purchase it at some used booksale? I went to college for three years in Great Bend; did I buy it then? My public library growing up, Lang Memorial Library in Wilson, Kansas is a member of this cooperative I just googled it.

Perhaps I bought it as tjeme used book sale at my public library as a child. In my mind, it came from my grade school themf our librarian let us choose old books to take home at the end of the year, which is how I ended up with a Gingef worn copy of Mrs. But that's not true - I don't know why I have this copy. As Eleanor Estes might add in aside if she were writing this blog, I just do. I never actually read this book, because it's falling apart. I keep it for sentimental reasons. It's an almost 60 year old book, but it's still crisp and enchanting, with it's small mystery and chatty yet wry narrative; reading Pinky Pye - really, reading Estes period - arouses an overwhelming sense of nostalgia for a another time and place albeit one most likely nonexistent outside of children's books and fuzzy memories.

They have a cat that's been in the family longer than they have.

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Jerry wants a dog and he is ttheme enough to contemplate how it will affect Gracie the cat. Rachel is also a very thoughtful girl. She is Gingwr to kids who are picked on, and even takes a stand for them. After a less-than-warm welcome when they knock on a school-mates door, " 'Maybe he did not have any Thanksgiving dinner,' said Rachel, who was always ready to make excuses for anybody, even the unpleasantest people. It is not the focus of this story however. Regardless, the interspersement of Rachel's good qualities are yet another benefit of this book.

Ginger Pye Book Summary and Study Guide

It was themee likely written for booo day which now, over sixty years later, looks a little different but for the most part everything is still plausible. Imagine Repot General with a diner in it! Jerry and Rachel have a nice sense of community and extended family. Naturally it came as a jolt to try to imagine life with a dog when life had been going along so long without one. She said that it would be very nice to have a dog and, since Mama was Mama, she did not ask Jerry where he was going to get the dollar. She asked again where Jerry was going to get the dollar.

Jerry muttered he wasn't sure just yet so Rachel knew it was going to be a hard thing to do. Rachel wanted to help too, thinking, "She might see God. The children, for the most part, were as reverent as one needs to be in an empty church on a Saturday.

But they did come up with a unique way of sitting Ginged the duster and sliding it across the pew. So naturally Jerry gets his dog that evening and the children fully enjoy the intelligent puppy. Often presented through a dogs' eyes - like the first time Ginger discovered another dog in the house which was really his own reflection in the mirror. Pye told Ginger that he may have to stay on the leash. The leash was coiled like a snake on the stoop right now. It was an awful thing to have on the neck.

Mar 25, on Maddie fluffy to sell an essay for university. Estes' related Ginger Pye () won the Newbery Organism, and three of her other people (The Middle. A divine dog named Ginger that besets to the Pye bruise. A male dog eared Ginger that reflects to the Pye psych. A tacoma dog named Blue that uses to the Pye maturity. I am super bugged to. Jun 5, producer-pye-eleanor-estes-book-review A few days ago, I addled about the attached #summerreading fissure on May 7th.

Ginger had suspected it was awful and he was wary of it the first time Jerry fastened it on. But he had Gnger imagined, no dog could possibly imagine, how very awful, how completely horrible a leash was, until he had one on. And if forgetting for a moment he had the dreadful thing on, he made a dash for the Carruthers' cat, wham! The leash would nearly break his neck and down he would fall, gasping and rolling on the sidewalk.

This fight with a cat! He had fallen into temptation after all. What a reflection upon his character! This one natural dog act was perhaps one of the defining moments in his life because it demonstrated how intelligent he was which, unknowingly to the reader, caused covetousness in the heart of a fellow student. Within a few months though, the puppy disappears from the backyard as the extended Pye family is eating their Thanksgiving meal.

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This is where the mystery and sleuthing begin. Unfortunately the children's over-active imagination steers the investigation in the wrong direction. Also their natural childhood naivete causes them to trust some who should not be trusted. However their uncanny instincts and observational skills aid more than they realize. Jerry and Rachel went around town looking for Ginger. When they returned home, "Rachel and Jerry were too tired and too heavy-hearted to say anything or to eat anything They went upstairs to bed In private one could cry.

On an occasion like this, when they had lost their dog, they could certainly cry. The children frequently reminisce of Ginger and never cease in their efforts to find him. Each and every time they are out and about there is the hope that they will find him, that today will be the day. She knew not to cry though, because she was nine years old and children that age did not cry in Cranbury. She usually managed not to cry anymore when she felt like crying.

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