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The more the employees are motive to tasks accomplishment higher will the organizational performance and success. The study focuses on the practice and observance of the two central factors, empowerment and employee recognition for enhancing employee motivation which leads to organizational effectiveness. The organizations should design their rules, policies and organizational structures that give space to the employee to work well and appreciate them on their tasks fulfillment and achievements. This will surely lead to organizational growth.

Empowerment, Recognition, Motivation, Organizational Effectiveness 1 www. Introduction Every organization and business wants to be successful and have desire to get constant progress. The current era is highly competitive and organizations regardless of size, technology and market focus are facing employee retention challenges. To overcome these restraints a strong and positive relationship and bonding should be created and maintained between employees and their organizations. Human resource or employees of any organization are the most central part so they need to be influenced and persuaded towards tasks fulfillment.

For achieving prosperity, organizations design different strategies to compete with the competitors and for increasing the performance of the organizations. A very few organizations believe that the human personnel and employees of any organization are its main assets which can lead them to success or if not focused well, to decline. Unless and until, the employees of any organization are satisfied with it, are motivated for the tasks fulfillment and goals achievements and encouraged, none of the organization can progress or achieve success.

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The focus of this study is to enlighten that how an organization through its magazinf can achieve success and effectiveness. The study has two sub-objectives; firstly the Reviea that increase motivation of employees are to be determined. Secondly the ln of employee motivation and organizational effectiveness is to be examined. Motivatikn, motivation is the performance or procedure of presenting an intention that origin a person to capture some accomplishment Shanks. Motivqtion and Martin describe motivation as a power that strengthens behavior, gives route literafure behavior, and mltivation the tendency to continue Farhad et al, This explanation identifies that in order ov attain assured targets; individuals must be satisfactorily energetic and be clear about their destinations.

In view of Bedeian, it is an internal drives to satisfy an unsatisfied need and the will to accomplish. Motivation is a procedure that initiates through a physiological or psychological want that motivztion a performance that is intended at an objective. It is the concluding product of interface among personality behavior and organizational distinctiveness IRCO. It symbolizes those psychological procedures that foundations the stimulation, route, and determination of deliberate actions that are target 2 www. Also motivation is a progression of moving and supporting goal-directed behavior Chowdhury.

It is an internal strength that drives individuals to pull off personal and organizational goals Reena et al, Motivation is a set of courses concerned with a kid of strength that boosts performance and directs towards accomplishing some definite targets Kalimullah et al, According to Barronit is an accrual of diverse routes which manipulate and express our activities to attain some particular ambitions Rizwan et al, Porter and miles proved that the motivation boosts expresses and continues conduct Khadim et al. The motivation of an individual envelops all the motives for which he selects to operate in a definite approach Lefter et al. Employee Performance fundamentally depend on many factors like performance appraisals, employee motivation, Employee satisfaction, compensation, Training and development, job security, Organizational structure and other, but the area of study is focused only on employee motivation as this factor highly influence the performance of employees.

Employee motivation is one of the policies of managers to increase effectual job management amongst employees in organizations Shadare et al, Rutherford reported that motivation formulates an organization more successful because provoked employees are constantly looking for improved practices to do a work, so it is essential for organizations to persuade motivation of their employees Kalimullah et al, Getting employees to do their best work even in strenuous circumstances, is one of the employees most stable and greasy challenges and this can be made possible through motivating them.

Organizational effectiveness is the notion of how effectual an organization is Rview accomplishing the results the organization aims to generate Muhammad, et al, oc It plays an important role in accelerating organizational development Bulent et motivatino, It is the net satisfaction of all constituents in the process of gathering and transforming inputs into output in an efficient manner Matthew et al, It is the maximum combined 3 www. The goal model describes organizational effectiveness in terms of the extent to which an organization attains its objectives. The study is aimed to determine the factors that increase employee motivation and the relationship of organizational effectiveness with employee motivation.

Employees want to earn reasonable salary and payment, and employees desire their workers to feel that is what they are getting Houran.

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Revifw is the fundamental inducement, no other incentive or motivational technique od even close to it with respect to its influential value Sara et al, It has the supremacy to o, maintain and motivate individuals towards higher performance. Frederick Taylor and his scientific management associate described money as the most kn factor in motivating the industrial workers to attain greater productivity Adeyinka et al, Research has suggested litfrature reward now cause motivaion of the employee which directly influences performance of the employee Kalimullah et al, All businesses use pay, promotion, bonuses or other types of rewards to motivate and encourage high level performances of employees Reena et al, To use salaries as a motivator effectively, managers must consider salary structures which should include importance organization attach to each job, payment according to performance, personal or special allowances, fringe benefits, pensions and so on Adeyinka et al, Leadership is about getting things done the right way, to do that you need people to follow you, you need to have them trust you.

And if you want them to trust you and do things for you and the organization, they need to be motivated Baldoni. Theories imply that leader and followers raise one another to higher levels of morality and motivation Rukhmani. Motivation is purely and simply a leadership behavior. It stems from wanting to do what is right for people as well as for the organization. Leadership and motivation are active processes Baldoni. In fact, it builds a Win - Win connection among organizations and employees; which is considered an ideal environment in numerous organizations and their employees.

Empowering can flourish virtual human capacities.

Empowered employees focus their job and work-life with additional importance and this leads to constant progress in coordination and work procedures. Employees execute their finest novelties emp,oyee thoughts with the sense of belonging, enthusiasm, and delight, in empowered organizations. Adding up, they work with a sense of responsibility and prefer benefits of the organization to theirs Yazdani,B. It can make intrapersonal and interpersonal effects and influence on the relations inside and out the organization Hassan et al, No matter how automated an organization may be, high productivity depends on the level of motivation and the effectiveness of the workforce so staff training is an indispensible strategy for motivating workers.

One way managers can instigate motivation is to give appropriate information on the sentences of their actions on others Adeyinka et al, The sub-objectives of the study are: The dependent variable is organizational effectiveness. Employee Motivation Organizational Effectiveness 3. Recognition and Employee Motivation According to Maurer rewards and recognition are essential factors in enhancing employee job satisfaction and work motivation which is directly associated to organizational achievement Jun et al. Kalimullah Khan conducted a study in which he examined the relationship between rewards and employee motivation in commercial banks of Pakistan.

The study focused on four types of rewards of which one was recognition which he tested through Pearson correlation. The results showed that recognition correlates significantly 0. An empirical study was conducted by Reena Ali to examine the impact of reward and recognition programs on employee motivation and satisfaction. A questionnaire was distributed to 80 employees of Unilever and data was analyzed through SPSS version A study was conducted in Pakistan to examine the job satisfaction among bank employees in Punjab. The value of correlation coefficient for recognition was 0.

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Job satisfaction is directly associated with internal work motivation of employees that enhances as the Review of literature on employee motivation magazine of employees increases Salman et al, That is why a study says that deficiency of appropriate recognition and rewarding reduces employees work motivation and job satisfaction. Hence, administration of organizations and institutions should build up the arrangement for giving that rewards and recognition to enhance employee job satisfaction and motivational level Reena et al, The above literature, studies and discussion fully supports first hypothesis that recognizing employees work increases their motivation to accomplish tasks and execute responsibilities towards them by the organization.

Empowering is giving authority and liberating potential of employees. According to Tannenbaumit is the study of internal organization power and control which illustrated that the distribution of power and control enhances organizational effectiveness Honold,L, Rappaport defined empowerment process as mastering on problems of organizations by people, organizations and societies Amin et al, Empowering makes employees feel that they are appreciated and for making it possible continuous and positive feedback on their performance is essential Smith, B, Employee contribution and their energetic participation in configuring up the organization are tremendously essential to the hale and hearty place of work Matthew.

According to Chao et al. Content theories focus on what actually motivates people; they study the needs that must be satisfied in order for the employee to be motivated. The need is either satisfied by an extrinsic reward or by intrinsic satisfaction. Process Theories in PracticeMajor process theories of motivation include: Verma and Mani highlighted that the increasing number of mobile devices and social media platforms are bringing significant transformations in the world of business including the insurance sector Literature Review on the Integration of Technology in the Classroom words - 9 pages Literature review will be conducted to examine and critiqued previous research regarding integrating technology in the classroom.

The number students that use or have access to technology on a daily base increases daily. Technology has reshaped our educational system, from integration in the classroom, collaborating with peers, and how test are administered to students. Integrating technology in our educational system can assist the special Literature Review on the Importance of Eating Breakfast words - 3 pages Literature review Breakfast is known to be the most important meal of the day. InThe Statistic Portal showed that in the United States, 28 percent of the male respondents skip breakfast while 18 percent of the female respondents who skip breakfast are between 18 to 34 years old.

On the other hand, in Scotland, research showed that almost 30 percent of the year-old girls are more often to skip their breakfast while boys aged 15 displays Literature Review on Behaviour modification strategies used in classrooms words - 10 pages individuality of the child's behaviour. There can be very little uniformity in a teacher administering the same strategy for the same behaviour for all students. This is all the reason for the students to have some say in their own discipline. The current research will examine the students' perception on the four common strategies Yelling, Time-out, Talking to the child and Permissiveness used by classroom teachers. The four strategies for review in the Review of Literature on Abortion in the Family words - 5 pages Review of Literature on Abortion in the Family Abortion is a very controversial subject that has been continuously argued over for the past few years and probably for many more years to come.

Women who are making the decision are effected emotionally, mentally, and physically since their bodies are going through many changes which it is not accustomed to. The main controversy is, who's right is it to abort? Many will argue and say it A literature review on patient transport in Intensive Care units words - 19 pages Abstract: BackgroundThis review of the current literature of the intra-hospital transport of critically ill patients addresses the type and incidence of adverse effects, risk factors and risk assessment.

The review will explore the available information on efficiency and cost-effectiveness of transferring such patients for diagnostic or therapeutic interventions within the hospital. Methods and guidelines to prevent or reduce potential hazards Similar Essays Employee Empowerment: Literature Review words - 9 pagespp.

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