Evaluation report of ph d thesis binding

It is not allowed to: Opp Bindinv the thesis The final version of the thesis is printed thewis the evaluation committee has approved the thesis for public defence. Follow the guidelines in "Printing the thesis". The printers will produce the number of theses set by the candidate and will send an electronic pdf version of the thesis as it will be printed to the PhD candidate. If the thesis is to be printed in Norwegian, or if you are to hold a public defence for the Dr.

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Opp Compulsory deliveries, printed version Deliver 1 copy or more of the printed thesis and a pdf-verson of this binfing final version incl. The number of copies will be agreed between the candidate and the faculty. The purpose of test print is to ensure the quality of the printed thesis. More detailed information and tips about printing can be found at Akademika: You will get them from the research administration. Contact by email tlh aho. The adjudication Committee may also point out procedural errors that should be corrected before the thesis is printed.

Procedures for the evaluation of doctoral dissertations

thdsis If you write a preface that was deport there in the version sent to the Committee, this should also be pointed out in the errata list. It is not allowed under any circumstances to make corrections or changes affecting the content of the thesis. The theme should be taken from the subject area from which the candidate's doctoral degree work originates, but not from the most central problematic issues. Candidates for the Degree of Dr. The purpose of the trial lecture s is that the candidate shall provide evidence of an ability to convey research-based knowledge.

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In the evaluation of the trial lecture both the academic content and the ability to communicate shall be emphasised. Who are to be the first and second oh is decided in the committee. The first opponent introduces the discussion and the second concludes the disputation. The opponents should have agreed in advance which problem areas each of them is to take up. The disputation shall be an academic discussion between opponents and doctoral candidate concerning formulations of problems, methodological and theoretical basis, documentation and form of presentation.

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The Faculty appoints supervisors for candidates. In some programmes, an advertised PhD scholarship will already be tied to a particular supervisor bindinng it is announced. The main rule is that the supervisor must be employed by USN. The admission is finalised by an agreement between the faculty and the candidate. The PhD candidate must have at least two supervisors, one which is appointed as the main supervisor.

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