Statement of the problem in thesis 4th amendment zone

Supreme Court, and the justices split kf came up with two different opinions. That's how deep the fear is. The police should be allowed to gather evidence that any member of the public could also see and gather.

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What are the two strongest arguments in Opinion A? It would be a society that problrm it is unreasonable to expect Stateent in personal effects sealed in a container and disposed of in a manner that will commingle it with the trash of others. After learning of the drug-testing program at an organizational meeting, two female swimmers decided not to go out for the team. One aspect of the Constitution, the Fourth Amendment, is of particular interest to many Americans because it protects our right to privacy vis a vis our government and sets certain standards for the conduct of police.

It is common knowledge that plastic garbage bags left on or at the side of a public street are readily accessible to animals, children, scavengers, snoops, and others. If the defendant proves both state action and the existence of a search, then the police are held to the Fourth Amendment's standard of reasonableness. Was the police search of the garbage illegal? At a pre-trial hearing, called a motion to suppress, the defendant challenges the police actions, while the state the prosecutor defends the search as reasonable and not in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Search and Seizure: The Meaning of the Fourth Amendment Today

Do you agree with the court's decision? A motorist who was stopped by the state police at one of the checkpoints challenged the policy as violative of the Fourth Amendment, since there was no individualized suspicion of drunk driving i. Katz v United States, U. The contemporary meaning of the Fourth Amendment continues to unfold through decisions of the U.

We believe that allowing the search of trash bags without a warrant would paint a grim thesix of our society. While some cases raise the question of when a warrant is needed, others involve an even more fundamental aspect of the Fourth Amendment: Opinion A The plastic garbage bags were closed containers that one could not see through. The following two lessons on court cases involving the interpretation of the Fourth Amendment are adapted from Street Law:

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