Work for riot games from home

Team dynamics, sportsmanship, and camaraderie are key to giving League players a fun experience.


Toxic behaviors are defined vor the community when gamse report bad behavior and flag offensive chats via in-game tools. There are regional nuances, but toxic behaviors include homophobia, racism, sexism, and other forms of hate speech. Riot has built a sophisticated system to flag toxic behavior and reward and reinforce positive behavior in League of Legends. And just like in a League of Legends game, research has shown that having a toxic teammate in the workplace can bring down the performance and morale of an entire teamhaving costly effects for an organization. The Talent team partnered with their game designers to see if in-game toxicity might predict workplace troubles.

We eat, sleep, breathe, the most popular PC game in the world.

Unfortunately, we don't always have the time to surround ourselves with the game. The real world takes over and we actually have to work in order to keep the power on to play the game. If you're a League fan and haven't worked a day in your life yet perhaps you're going to schoolor are currently in the workforce and you're looking for the job of your life, perhaps Riot Games is where you want to go. Riot's mission statement includes the following: We were established in by a couple of entrepreneurial gamers who believe player-focused game development can result in awesome games.

Rioters Wanted

Dromwe released our debut title, League of Legends, to critical and player acclaim. Over million play every yome. Riot has provided you with some insight on how to get hired by their company! League of Legends Standing out and being obnoxious are two completely different things. Before hitting SEND, please ensure all info is accurate and up-to-date including your resume and cover letter as you will be unable to modify your application after submission. How old do I have to be to work at Riot?

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We agmes consider applicants over the age of What should I wear for my video or onsite interview? We're a casual environment. We believe in you being you and that applies to your wardrobe. Do I need to be a gamer? Do I need to be ranked in League? To make the best games for players, it's important that we're gamers ourselves.

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