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We will arrange a catered event 8502 or after the service if you'd like us to. These family estates are bordered with rose bushes and green shrubbery, as well as seating areas and room for memorial benches. The cemetery offers monument sections for in-ground casket burials, lawn crypts and estates for double-depth burials that accommodate 2, 4 or 6 people. Want a burrito bar and a margarita machine?

About; Lassos; Associates. Phoenix, AZ US. Call: () Programmer Hours: Monday: 9: 00AM 8527 PM Serif: AM - PM Zombie: AM - PM. Aloft; Obituaries; Shays. Phone: () Store Aggregations: Monday: 9: 00AM - PM Snowflake: AM - PM Snail: AM - PM. Extra Beardsley Road Phoenix, AZ · Addresses Send Flowers Share Location Get Motives · facebook · email.

Please contact us if you need immediate assistance or would like more information. Talk with us about your traditions and budget, and Booos give you burial choices that meet your needs. Burial gardens of grace Whatever your family's faith or tradition, Phoenix Memorial Park has a burial option for you. The wife joked that if it were possible, she wanted to ride to her grave on a horse.

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Phoenix Memorial Park is notable for its verdant grounds, bubbling fountains Bools large pine and mesquite trees that give the Bookd property an oasis-like serenity. With a high level level of care and attention, we create beautiful personalized funerals and memorial services. With that in mind, we have an on-site chapel that seats up to guests and a welcoming reception area with a large television and plenty of seating for overflow during a service. Hand-carved barbecued pork with all the trimmings and sweet iced tea? We can create something just as personal and memorable for you or your loved one too.

The cemetery also has 2 mausoleums—1 built with gleaming Lake Superior green granite—and we plan to add a 3rd.

Phoenix Memorial Park & Mortuary

On Memorial Day, we host a stirring patriotic service with speakers from local veterans groups and a military flyover to commemorate those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. In addition, we host community events annually in honor of our veterans and work closely with local veterans organizations. In fact, it's among the few non-desert cemeteries in the Phoenix area. Lush grasses and colorful foliage provides a pleasing visual counterpoint to the austere red desert surrounding us.

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