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Another factor was that I was up to my neck in essays and working commitments and only Essayz a couple of days to produce an essay. Students use these sites for a number of reasons. These websites and individuals also offer to write code and do the write-ups for a fee. Sarah, 37, south-west England The coder: Andrew, 29, Midlands The friend: I found the work to be both easy and interesting.

'I felt guilty when I got my results': your stories of buying essays

One day I came across an advert for an essay-writing service that was recruiting. Last week Jo Johnson, the universities minister, called for new guidance to be issued for the next academic year, including tough penalties for students who buy essays and strong warnings about the consequences. Dan, 24, London The lecturer: Now I work for a few different companies, writing roughly an essay a week. Or point them in the direction of useful authors, journals, sources of information etc. It is laziness, lack of time, as a jump-off point to write an essay eg by using the list of references to help kickstart their own work. I try not to think about how students use my work.

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