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The fact that there is a gold-region is established by the finding of one lump, though you miss the vein never so often. The nocturnal attack in Wales, for instance, was assuredly a delusion; and I venture to express my own conviction, derived from a little attention to the circumstances of either story, that the idea of the enamoured lady following him to Naples, and of the "man in the cloak" who struck him at the Pisan post-office, were equally illusory, — the mere projection, in fact, from himself, of the image of his own love and hate.

I shall say what I think, — had Shelley lived he would have finally ranged himself with the Christians; his very instinct for helping the weaker side if numbers make strengthhis [35] very "hate of hate," which at first mistranslated itself into delirious Queen Mab notes and the like, would have got clearer-sighted by exercise. Greatness in a work suggests an adequate instrumentality; and none of the lower incitements, however they may avail to initiate or even effect many considerable displays of power, simulating the nobler inspiration to which they are mistakenly referred, have been found able, under the ordinary conditions of humanity, to task themselves to the end of so exacting a performance as a poet's complete work.

Wanting words to speak, he has never made a fool of himself by speaking. There is no reservation of a subtler, less costly, more serviceable remedy for his own ill, than he has proposed for the general one; nor does he ever contemplate an object on his own account, from a less elevation than [30] he uses in exhibiting it to the world.

It is because I have long held these opinions in assurance and gratitude, that I catch at the opportunity offered to me of expressing them here; knowing that the alacrity to fulfil an humble office conveys more love than the acceptance of the honour of a higher one, and that better, therefore, than the signal service it was the dream of my boyhood to render to his fame and memory, may be the saying of a few, inadequate words upon these scarcely more important supplementary letters of SHELLEY. The "E pur si muove" of the astronomer was as bitter a word as any uttered before or since by a poet over his rejected living work, in that depth of conviction which is so like despair. I have only to make it a little easier by arranging these few supplementary letters, with a recognition of the [27] value of the whole collection.

I believe, for my own part, that if anything could now shame or grieve Shelley, it would be an attempt to vindicate him at the expense of another.

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Already he had attained to a profession of "a worship to the Spirit of good within, which requires before it sends that inspiration forth, which impresses its likeness upon all it creates devoted and disinterested homage, as Coleridge says," vrowning and Paul likewise. Oj does not paint pictures and hang them on the walls, but rather carries them on the retina of his own eyes: Or did a sense of duty or of love lead it to communicate its own [5] sensations to mankind? Except for the particular character of these objections, indeed, the non-appreciation of his contemporaries would simply class, now that it is over, with a series of [22] experiences which have necessarily happened and needlessly been wondered at, ever since the world began, and concerning which any present anger may well be moderated, no less in justice to our forerunners than in policy to yourselves.

Regarded in themselves, and as the substantive productions of a man, their importance would be slight.

Robert Browning

I concede however, in respect to the subject of our study as well as some few other illustrious examples, that the unmistakeable quality of the verse would be evidence enough, under usual circumstances, not only of the kind and degree of the intellectual but of the moral constitution of Shelley: We are ignorant what the inventor of "Othello" conceived of that fact as he beheld it in completeness, how he accounted for it, under what known law he registered its nature, or to what unknown law he traced its coincidence. In conjunction with which noble and rare powers, came the subordinate power of delivering these attained results to the world in an embodiment of verse more closely answering to and indicative of the process of the informing spirit failing as it occasionally does, in art, only to succeed in highest art— with a diction more adequate to the task in its natural and acquired richness, its material [21] colour and spiritual transparency, — the whole being moved by and suffused with a music at once of the soul and the sense, expressive both of an external might of sincere passion and an internal fitness and consonancy, — than can be attributed to any other writer whose record is among us.

Still, it is advisable to lose no opportunity of strengthening and completing the chain of biographical testimony; much more, of course, for the sake of the poet's original lovers, whose volunteered sacrifice of particular principle in favour of absorbing sympathy we might desire to dispense with, than for the sake of his foolish haters, who have long since diverted upon other objects their obtuseness or malignancy. We are ignorant, and would fain be otherwise. He was constantly subject to "that state of mind" I quote his own note to "Hellas" "in which ideas may be supposed to assume the force of sensation, through the confusion of thought with the [40] objects of thought, and excess of passion animating the creations of the imagination: Truth is one, as they are manifold; and innumerable negative effects are produced by the upholding of one positive principle.

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