Band of brothers 3 leadership attributes history essay

Attributss their way to the checkpoint, they come sssay a German patrol. Winters and the half-platoon lie concealed and Winters tell them to wait for his command Babd fire. But before he gives the order, Guarnere begins to fire his submachine gun, slaughtering some of the Germans. Winters, with his position exposed, orders the rest of men to attack. They kill the Germans on a wagon driven by horses with a grenade, while two other wagons escape. Guarnere continues to fire his gun, killing one horse, and injuring the other horse, and he doesn't hesitate to kill the last soldier.

An annoyed Winters chews Guarnere out, telling him to wait for his command. Joseph Toye puts the injured horse out of its misery with his pistol. They link up with the rest of the battalion, who directs them to a German battery of artillery at Brecourt Manor. Guarnere, and 2nd Lt.

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Compton with him to knock out the artillery. Leadersbip, they are met with fifty Germans, and a battle ensues. After Winters shoots one German, he, Toye and Loraine take cover behind bushes, Liebgott, Hendrix, Petty and Plesha man Machine gunsLipton snipes Germans from a tree with Ranney covering him, while Compton, Malarkey, and Guarnere throw grenades, killing most of a machine gun squad. Germans are running across the field, while the men shoot them down. Compton kills one soldier with a grenade that explodes as it hits the soldier's head. Wynn gets shot in the butt, and cries out "I'm sorry sir, I goofed!

Later after capturing the second gun, Hall comes with explosives. Winters puts the explosives, along with a German grenade into the barrel of the cannon to spike the gun. He sends Hall down a trench to get help.

He doesn't come though, and Winters goes down and finds a bloody-faced Hall borthers been killed by a mine. The paratroopers destroy one other gun, and with the help of Lt. Spierscapture the other. Winters and his men return to Batallion. To the men's surprise, Winters takes a swig of alcohol. He has also finally won the respect of Guarnere.

Captain Herbert Sobel

Before he leaves, Winters turns and says to Guarnere, "I'm not a Quaker. As Nixon leaves, Winters stares at attributs city, burning under bombs. He then promises himself, that if he survived the war, he would find a quiet piece of the world, and live out the rest of his life in peace. He is later seen moving with Easy toward the town of Carentan. Along the way, they get separated from Fox Company.

He sends Hoobler and Blithe to find them. They then find them, and Blithe goes to tell Winters ,eadership he runs into a dead German. Winters esssay Nixon appear and inform him that he is wearing a flower that is meant to be the mark of a true soldier. Next day, they come to Carentan. Winters gives the signal, but as the men charge, an MG opens up. Only Hoobler and Luz make it, while two others are killed, and the rest take cover. Winters yells at the men to get going and the men then charge the town. Casualties mount, as the artillery and mortar fire pours in, but eventually, the town is taken.

Winters informs the Battalion Staff that it is safe to go. As they run off, a sniper shot goes off, and Winters is struck in the ezsay by a ricochet. Blithe explains that he can't see, he just "blanked out". Winters assures him that he leadersihp gonna take him on a plane broghers to England. As he leaves, Blithe suddenly gets hjstory, declaring he can see, meaning Attribuutes somehow was able to get him back his sight. Winters then participates in the defense of Carentan, where he is seen encouraging a shell shocked Blithe to start firing, who eventually does. They eventually beat off the attack, and Carentan is safe. Winters later heads back to England with the rest of his Company.

Winters, now officially confirmed as Easy Company's commander, leads the men at their second jump, as part of Operation Market Garden in Holland. They occupy the village of Eindhoven with no resistance and continue onward, supported by British armor. However, the Allies are misinformed about the German strength in the area, and at Nuenen the Anglo-American attack is quickly beaten back by elite Waffen-SS Panzer units. Winters and Nixon later watch sadly as Eindhoven- which was re-taken by the Germans after Easy retreated- is bombed by the Allies, with Winters remarking that he doesn't like retreating and that the next time the Allies enter Eindhoven, they won't be greeted as liberators.

The operation is a success, and a number of German troops are killed, while 11 prisoners are taken.

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When Joseph Liebgott is put in hisfory of the captives, Winters removes all but one round from his gun, warning esswy that if he tries to kill prisoners the rest will be able to jump him Liebgott is of Jewish ancestry and harbors vengeful feelings towards the SS. For his success, Winters is made Battalion commander and granted a furlough to Paris; however, he finds himself unable to enjoy his vacation, feeling haunted by the memory of shooting a teenage Waffen-SS soldier during Pegasus. After training at Toccoa, the th moved to Fort Benning, Georgia, where they jumped and qualified as Paratroopers. First, the officers had to do the actual jump to prove their worth; when it was Sobel's turn, he was hesitant but jumped anyway.

Easy then headed to Camp Mackall, North Carolina, for tactical combat training: Sobel summoned his map-holder, PVT Petty, to show him their position, then realized that they were in the wrong position and panicked. Winters advised an alternative solution, but Sobel refused and ordered the unit to advance. In disbelief, Easy advanced, and the opposing team broke cover and ambushed them.

Sobel and the entire division traveled by troopship to Aldbourne, England for further tactical training in preparation for the invasion of mainland Europe. While training there, he and his platoon came to a fence; fuming, he ordered his platoon to hide behind growth nearby, while he, 1st Sgt. Tipper tried to figure out their position. A voice was heard behind the bushes, addressing Sobel: Horton, ordering them to cut the fence and move on. Sobel did, not knowing that it was Sgt. George Luzusing his imitation talent, to prank him. Strayer because cows escaped through the cut fence and 'occupied' the Battalion HQ grounds. Sobel told Strayer that Major Horton commanded him to, but Strayer replied it was impossible since Horton was in London.

Both humiliated by this event and angrily aware of his own tactical blunders in comparison to Winters' emerging prowess, Sobel sensed Winters could overtake his leadership in combat and formed a plot: Winters, immediately recognizing Sobel's motives and how the imposition of nonjudicial punishment would keep him from the Normandy jump, trumped Sobel with a written demand for a court-martial instead, which would keep both him and Sobel from the jump for the proceedings. Sobel was alarmed at this unexpected twist. Sink, the Regimental Commander, also gave him cause to question Sobel's combat effectivity in the company; he also set aside Winters' court-martial.

In a meeting, Sink discussed the mutiny and court-martial matter with Sobel, but Sobel downplayed it. On arrival to Easy Company's rally point for the invasion, he brought Sgt. Sobel's reappearance in episode 4 stunned many Easy Paratroopers there, especially when he reprimanded Sgt. Malarkey for an Army motorcycle Malarkey tried to take for himself. Sobel later participated at the Battle of Bastogne "The Battle of the Bulge"though little was known about what he did during the battle. He then participated in the occupation of Germany.

Richard Winters without saluting him; Winters called him out, saying "You salute the rank, not the man".

Captain Herbert Sobel

Grudgingly, Sobel then saluted Winters. Brotjers Life Edit Sobel went home and became an accountant. He was called for active duty during the Korean War and went into the National Guard. He eventually achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

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