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In the end, Coppola added the scenes taking place in ouysiders, Mr. Syme talking to Ponyboy, and Sodapop, Ponyboy and Darry in the park. Also, much of the original score was replaced with music popular in the s as well as new music composed by Michael Seifert and Dave Padrutt.

12 Things You Might Not Know About Sylvia Plath

The director also removed three scenes ooriginal were in the theatrical version in order to improve pacing. Ponyboy and Johnny looking at their silhouettes in ovr lake and talking about their hair, attempting to catch a rabbit, and playing poker. They can be found on the second disc as additional scenes along with other deleted scenes that were filmed but not put into the movie. Dillon and Lowe provided separate commentary. The resulting poems became the collection Ariel, featuring her most famous poems, including "Lady Lazarus" and "Daddy.

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The end product for her was not so much a successful poem, as something that had bbook exhausted her ingenuity. Amazon All published posthumously, Eeport had a small collection of children's stories that were found amongst her journals and papers. In the story, 7-year-old Max is the youngest of seven brothers. Two of those brothers were Otto and Emil—her father's names. The "depressed poet" has long been a creative stereotype—so much so that psychologist James C.

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Kaufman named the idea the " Sylvia Plath effect " inleading to its more mainstream use. Kaufman oritinal reframed his point of view, calling himself "young and stupid" at the time he introduced the term. He's now studying the impact of creativity on social justice. Sylvia Plath has been influencing culture for the nearly six decades since her death.

From Twitter feeds to famous movie quotes and cameosa Sylvia Plath mention is often shorthand for "tortured female writer. Oritinal, Ponyboy visits Johnny at the hospital, where he is in critical condition. On their way home, Pony spots Cherry and they talk. Cherry says she is unwilling to visit Johnny in the hospital because he killed her boyfriend. Pony calls her a traitor, but after she explains herself they end on good terms. After escaping the hospital, Dally shows up just in time for the rumble. The greasers win the brutal fight.

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Afterward, Pony and Dally hurry back to the hospital to see Johnny, but he dies moments later and a maniacal Dally runs out of the room. Pony returns home that night feeling confused and disoriented. Dally calls the house to say that he has robbed a store and is running from the police. The greasers find Dally deliberately pointing an unloaded gun at the police, causing them to shoot and kill him. Overwhelmed, Ponyboy faints and is sick in bed for several days due to the resulting concussion.

When the hearing th comes, the judge frees Ponyboy from responsibility for Bob's death and allows Pony to remain at home with Darry and Soda. Ponyboy returns to school, but his grades drop. Although he is failing English, his teacher, Mr. Syme, says he will pass him if he writes a decent theme.

In the copy of Gone with the Wind that Johnny gave him outsiderz dying, Ponyboy finds outsiers note from Johnny describing how he will die proudly after saving the kids from the fire. Johnny also urges Ponyboy to "stay gold". Ponyboy decides to write his English assignment about the recent events, and begins his essay with the opening line of the novel: Paul Newman and a ride home Narrator and the youngest Curtis brother, 14 years old, who gets good grades and runs track.

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