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So I just write the whole thing in the notes app and then copy and paste it into the portal Posted on: Aug 22, Answer from: Guest On the current mobile app iPhone, iPad, iPod etc.

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However, we have received many complaints that the PC portals are too confusing, even with tutorials, therefore, in future updates, We plan to add the 'choice command' onto Mobile. Until then, users are required to publish only stories when playing on mobile. Aug 31, Answer from: Taylor Lee I was really looking forward to making a story on episode and when I didn't know how to make choices for the reader I stumbled on this and I wish they would put choices on mobile because most people play episode on mobile right so if they want more people to make story's they should consider put I got choices on mobile Posted on: Sep 3, Answer from: I only have an iPad so this really sucks.

I wish I could make choices on my mobile device, I would love episode so much more.

But you have to give them credit on creating such a cool app in the first place It is epic even without choices Z on: Peisode I wish we could add choices I just go interested storh writing stories and now I can't make choices Posted on: Sep 4, Answer from: Elejolly If we can create and customize characters then why can't they offer "choices" like how "we" can change their outfits? They don't give many options to wear or back around scenes and there is absolutely no excuse!? The technology is there They have no excuse to expand on this! Sep 7, Answer from: Anonymous Add choices for more people to create story's and the app would be used soo much more and people could benefit from that.

Script Writing

Sep elisode, Answer from: Angie I just started using the app and I'm so disappointed that I can't add choices! I don't have a laptop or computer that I can use. I only have a eposode device and iPad Posted on: Sep 21, Answer from: Aminadu76 I was wondering how to do too, but now I know I can't. I can't even see a whole room too, I can't zoom on someone's face. I'm going to write all my story without choices, but I think I'll edit it on my computer later because I still don't understand the script on computer.

It's way easier on my phone.

Sep 24, Answer from: Kookie I started a story and in my first episode, the main character you picks your friend's outfit for the party. In a nutshell, you do! We can't sell the rights to your story to a movie or TV studio, make it into a book, or hire some new writer to write your story for you without your permission. You should review the Terms of Service, however, as we are licensed to promote your story and use it in advertising, among other things. We also own all the animations and art provided by the Episode platform, so you won't be able to take those with you. For more information, please read the Episode Terms of Service. What happens if you decide to feature my story?

If we decide to feature your story, we will email you with details about what we will need from you to get the story published to our featured stories section along with a contract for you to review. The story will then go into Quality Control testing, where we will check for bugs, ask you to fix them, and then release it to the public!

Making Choices while creating?

How do choices work? The syntax for choices can be a Wrkte intimidating when you first learn it, but you'll get it with some practice. Episodd reading some of the scripts we have here and here for examples on how to write a choice and create branches in your story. Why isn't the choice I pick making a difference when I test my story? This may be because you played your story earlier and did not reset the story's state.

In that case, it will always go epusode the first choice you made. Make sure that every time you test your story, you tap the "Navigation" button and then "Reset Story State". I'm getting the error "Unexpected End of Input". What does that mean? It means you did not end your episode correctly. Episodes must end with a line of dialogue or direction of a character.

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They Writte end in e;isode middle of a choice or with a place. It says I am missing a place, but I've written it correctly! Some of our places have very long names. Make sure you scroll through the entire name on the Art Catalog - sometimes it episodde on two lines. Publishing Stories to the App How old do I need to be to write a story? As stated previously, authors on the Episode Platform must be 13 or older. If you are 13 to 17 years of age, you must have parental permission to submit and publish your story. Will you publish my story without my permission?

No, Episode will never publish your story without first having your permission. How do I publish a story to the app? You can publish a story to the app by tapping the publish button as soon as your story meets the minimum requirements: Your story must be at least 3 episodes long. Each episode must have at least lines of dialogue to publish.

All episodes must fpisode error free and follow our Content Guidelines. How do I update my published story on the app? You can update your story once all of your episodes are error-free. You can choose how many episodes go live at once, so you don't accidentally publish unfinished chapters! Where can I find my story on the app?

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