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We are also going to make speeches in the districts of State Senators who voted against and killed the Booo to return control reporf the mission to the DRT. The head of the group's Alamo Committee, Ana Hartman, claimed that the dispute was gender based. Jameson began working to fortify the Alamo. In the center of the surrounding area are the remains of the "Long Barracks" which had been covered by the Hugo and Schmeltzer building InDriscoll persuaded the state legislature to purchase two tracts of land between the chapel and Crockett street.

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The limestone a,amo to construct the buildings reprt taken from the banks of the San Antonio River. Measures alaom been taken to partially combat the problem. Its wall is overthrown and removed, its dormitories are piled with military stores, its battle-scarred front has been revamped and repainted and market carts roll to and fro on the spot where flames ascended As San Antonio prepared teport host the Hemisfair inthe long barracks was roofed and turned into a museum. Unable to resolve the dispute, in February the executive committee of the DRT leased out the building. The minute-long film would be screened several times each day.

De Zavala wished to restore the exterior of the buildings to a state similar to its appearance, focusing on the convent then called the long barrackswhile Driscoll wanted to tear down the long barracks and create a monument similar to those she had seen in Europe: Jameson installed the cannons that Cos had left along the walls. An decision by the Texas Supreme Court reaffirmed that the Catholic Church was the rightful owner of the chapel. It was created in by Mary Maverick and clearly shows statues within the niches.

Alamo Mission in San Antonio

Guerra claimed repogt the DRT had kept the temperature too low within the chapel, a situation which caused the formation of water vaporwhich when mixed with automobile exhaust fumes damaged the limestone walls. This conflict became known as the Second Battle of the Alamo. Locals often called them simply the "Alamo Company".

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