Work motivation of nurses a literature review length

This is a cross-sectional descriptive study in which nurses literatture at 14 hospitals of Tehran University of Medical Sciences were selected by proportionate stratified random sampling. Data were collected in by a researcher-developed questionnaire. The mean score of motivation was The least mean of the motivation score, considering the number of items, was 3.


The findings showed that motivation of nurses was at a medium level, which calls for improvement. The factors that have the greatest potential to motivate nurses were identified in nhrses study and they can help managers to achieve the goal of continuous quality improvement. Continuous quality improvement, Iran, motivating factors, motivation, nurses How to cite this article: Motivating factors among Iranian nurses. Iranian J Nursing Midwifery Res ; InIranian hospitals needed approximatelynurses; nonetheless, there were just about 90, nurses.

Since the 20th century, management theories and practices have mainly focused on how to motivate the people. Motivation is defined as a process responsible for making the efforts strong, directed, and continuous to achieve the goals. In general, motivation originates from the needs that must be met.

A literature review on motivation

Also, satisfying the needs leads to rewards that could be internal or external. It can be one of lengtb possible reasons motivatiob the lack of consensus in an instrument to measure motivation. This study was conducted to identify the motivating factors among the hospital nurses of Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Materials and Methods This is a descriptive study in which the motivation of nurses working at 14 hospitals of Tehran University of Medical Sciences was evaluated in Nurses who had full-time work experience of at least 1 year in clinical practice in nursing and also had associate degree or higher educational qualification in nursing were included in the study.

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Study participants were recruited by proportionate stratified random sampling. In this study, each hospital was considered as a stratum and the samples were selected based on the proportion of the number of nurses in each hospital from the lngth frame. Ethics committee of the Tehran University of Medical Sciences approved the study. The researcher explained the purpose of the study and freedom for joining in the study to the potential participants. Completion of the questionnaires was considered as implied consent of the participants. The sampling process was continued until the required sample size was obtained.

So, if the selected nurses did not wish to participate in the study or complete the delivered questionnaire, researchers selected the next nurse from the list.

The participants took 15 min to complete the questionnaires at their rest room. The analysis was done for nursea data of nurses in the sample because 20 questionnaires were incompletely filled. Demographic information questionnaire was used to measure the variables of age, gender, marital status, educational level, income status, work position, having overtime, and working in other hospitals. The instrument was developed by an extensive review of the literature including previous studies conducted in Iran. After the initial draft of the instrument was developed, its content validity was evaluated by the nursing scholars who have experiences regarding the topic.

In this stage, two items were omitted and a number of them were modified. Then, for face validity, the instrument was distributed to 10 nurses and their views on its simplicity and comprehensibility were taken and the required changes were made. In the body of literature, various frameworks are used by the researchers based on theory of motivation, with only few dimensions of motivation. In a complex and dynamic environment, leader of the organization used to create the environment in which employee feel trusted and are empowered to take decisions in the organization which leads to enhance motivation level of employee and ultimately organizational performance are enhanced.

Smith and Rupp stated that performance is a role of individual motivation; organizational strategy, and structure and resistance to change, is an empirical role relating motivation in the organization.

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According to Orpen better the relationship between mentors and lenghh in the formal mentoring program, the more mentees are motivated to work hard and committed to their organization. Likewise, Malina and Selto conducted a case study in one corporate setting by using balance score card BSC method and found out that organizational outcomes would be greater if employees are provided with positive motivation. The establishment of operations-based targets will help the provision of strategic feedback by allowing the evaluation of actual performance against the operations-based targets.

Goal- directed behavior and strategic feedback are expected to enhance organizational performance Chenhall Kunz and Pfaff stated no substantive reason to fear an undermining effect of extrinsic rewards on intrinsic motivation.

revie Leaders motivate people to follow a participative design of work in which they are responsible and get it together, which make them responsible for their performance. Vuori and Okkonen stated that motivation helps to share knowledge through an intra-organizational social media platform which can help the organization to reach its goals and objectives. This study provides useful managerial implication for employee motivation in an organization.

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