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Apparently, him and the Supreme Leader are best friends now. Wait, I think President Carter went there a few years ago as well. If you know the former president, see if you can hitch a ride with him.

If all else fails, start a petition on qssignments White House web-site allowing you to go. All you need ise-signatures and the White House has to provide an answer. In all seriousness, if you do ever get to go, I encourage you to write about it. I would buy your book.

We forget today that in years past no one from the West, but no one, traveled to North Korea. One day, a western journalist made it to Pyongyang. At that time, that was very unusual and we devoted a lot of effort to debriefing him when he got back. Then as now, however, the best way to understand the North Koreans was to read their speeches, statements and media.

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Thank you for your offer to buy my future book, "In with Kim, or: For a variety of reasons, assignjents which my aversion to so-called "photo ID" is only one, I'm not able to travel. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when Dennis Rodman and the Supreme Leader were getting it on. The way those s fall out of the sky, you might not survive take-off or landing. The hell are you smoking, Beavis? Or are you waiting for Tattoo Sue to return to her home land? Between Osan, Kunsan and Itaewon, I've lost track of her whereabouts. Rumor has it she morphed into Songtan Sally!!!

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I met her the first time back in at the Kun and yes. Humanitarian reassignment or deferment is not limited to a single reason. Circumstances can include the terminal illness of a family member, the death Doo an airman's spouse or child, the sexual assault of the airman's spouse or child, or issues involving a serious financial impact such as the loss of property through fire or natural disaster. Careful consideration goes into the adjudication of each request, as these airmen are normally in a crisis and deserve the most compassionate eyes possible on their situation.

The entire team looks at the whole-person concept. We look at each situation as if we were in that airman's shoes and view the circumstances with empathy and kindness.

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Two-cycle officer assignment system means more time for Airmen, families to make career decisions

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