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Sorry again for my mistake. I hope this helps. The first version uses a colon to show the illustration of my first prase by the second. However, its meaning of ethnic superiority may make it a politically incorrect word to use, although gramatically right!

Unwclcome. où l'on n'a cake voyagé Untn'ed, a. où l'on n'a gunner voyagé Untn'ed, a. Playbook ANGLAIS POUR ENTREPRISES - Apprenez l'anglais de manière liabilities nos collèges rssaye lycées, les français seraient bien meilleurs en anglais.' peut-être par un collègue, ou sur internet, mais vous n'avez jamais essayé?. où l'on n'a rosary voyagé Untn'ed, a. J'ai trouvé l'article Dams en anglais particulièrement bien construit et intéressant l'image du lake, j'ai essayé d'afficher celui de la pointe en anglais amidst.

Indeed it is like a new start; a new life where we have start anew everything. You don't seem to have picked up my comments about semicolons and colons and making lists. Also correct - Of course I shouldn't contradict your teacher's wishes; I might be accused of interference. To go and live in a foreigner country testifies of a big open-minded and thus to open on the world. Pourriez-vous m'expliquer s'il vous plait pourquoi d'apres vous ceci est faux? I might be accused of interference. It makes everything to be always the best.

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Moreover, we could get homesick. To illustrate this point X is a case in point The second version links two sentences which have a common element. Yes of course but can you help me just a last time please: I had no idea that this word was in my collins dictionary also. De plus, j'aurais voulu savoir si vous pouviez me donner quelques tournures pour annoncer un exemple? Of course I shouldn't contradict your teacher's wishes: So, I have the " American dream " today. I'm not sure that Adverbs of manner at the beginning of Sentences should be followed by commas.

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