Final year thesis report 499

Students must maintain a GPA of 3. The Department of History relort thesis should be sixty to seventy-five pages in length and make use of primary sources. Typically, the senior honors thesis is divided into chapters. The student should meet with his and her thesis committee sometime during April of the junior year to discuss the thesis.

It is an opportunity to fine tune the topic, discuss possible research approaches, suggest primary sources and consider questions. At this meeting, a basic review process should be agreed to. For example, repodt the committee want to review each chapter as it is submitted, or do they want the director to review chapters, then send them along later? Or, some committees may want to read a draft of the entire thesis. Finally, this meeting is designed to help the student begin work on the thesis in a collegial manner, and to set expectations. Back to top 3.

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How do I find a supervisor? Alternatively, some students have more specific research ideas and will seek a supervisor as a result. Students are advised thrsis developing an Honours Essay project in too much detail before securing a supervisor. All full-time faculty members in the SDS Department are potential supervisors. Think carefully about what you want to tell a faculty member about yourself before making contact. For example, you may inform a potential supervisor of the following: When do I approach the supervisor? Back to top 5.

Senior Honours Essay/Thesis - SDS 499 A/B

Note that enrolment cannot be done through Quest. Select another course in thesjs of SDS A during course selection week. Email Social Development Studies sds uwaterloo. On the application form, you will write a brief proposal and schedule of tasks in consultation with your supervising professor.

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Important decisions include the following: Your application will then go to the SDS Department Chair for approval, and finally it will be forwarded to the Renison Registrar's Office so that you can reporh officially repotr in the course. Teport to top 6. Do I have to hand anything in at the end of A? Typically, by the end of Term 1 SDS Ayou should have developed an extensive bibliography and completed the required readings and research, or designed an empirical study and made progress in collecting data. The thesis should include an introduction giving the motivation for the research project and background information, describe the methods applied and the results of the research, include a discussion section, and include appropriate citations throughout the thesis.

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You will receive faculty feedback on your thesis which will help you to improve your scientific writing skills. Each year the deadline for seniors to turn in their finished theses is in March by 5: This is a firm deadline that cannot be extended. All students writing a senior thesis need to report their intent to do so to the undergraduate secretary Sarah Akin with this form. If the research was done and supervised in another department, you must find a physics faculty member to be a thesis supervisor, read your thesis and certify that it is substantial and well written.

In this case, please give the names of both advisors. A successful thesis usually contains twelve to twenty pages of text single-spaced plus figures, tables, and references.

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