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So for the same purpose the expediency of the literature review is immense. Thus, this factor also indicates towards the differentiation within the PhD dissertation. It is to ascertain that with the help of literature review the problem statement could also identified so that the topic construction process could undertake effectively. Once the researcher has gone through a variety of literature within the same area or field, then it becomes easy to select any one problem and conducting the research into it.

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The language is another area of difference that could be experienced within the disserttion writing. The language which researchers or scholars write that is very much smooth and simple. They never use any slang or something which seems to be unprofessional. It is a very significant difference that could be experienced. The tone of the study reflects the thought process of researcher or scholars. In PhD dissertation the role of previous studies is very immense as they become the basis for another study. On the contrary, such kind of scenario could never be felt in other writing techniques.

The section of research methodology is another factor which makes it different than another.

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The objectives that have been framed or designed separately that gains huge consideration in research methodology section. In order to achieve the objectives the researcher tries to select such research methodologies that can justify with the research objectives. Therefore, this difference cannot be neglected that in report writing or in essay writing, the content is required to be relevant to each other, whereas in PhD dissertation every chapter must be well connected to each other. Every technique or tool that has been adopted must be justified and have some sort of relationship with the research objectives.

Disserttation the chapters should be well connected to each other. In PhD dissertation writing the researcher is dedicated to focus on numerical tools or applying the statistical tools. On the contrary, in report writing such aspects are negligible. The entire report remains subjective in the case of articles, report or essay writing. The use of statistical tools is very huge in professional PhD dissertations.

It just supports the research outcomes and mainly the research investigation could be done in an effective and proper manner. The analysis section could be thematic as well if the information is subjective in nature. It is to acknowledge that in PhD dissertation the section of data analysis and findings and analysis constructs separately. The PhD dissertation demands everything to be elaborated so that the readers can get proper intellect and understanding about the subject matter. Another area of difference is that in PhD dissertation the researcher is required to use a large number of references and bibliographies. If a researcher fails to do so, then some problems related to the authenticity and reliability could be faced.

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