Brians winter essay

Ask students to discuss the difficult task Brian has of coaxing the injured dog back to his camp and how he exsay able to stitch the dog up with no experience. Ask students how Brian manages to kill and not be killed by the bear that killed his friends, left three children orphans, and injured the dog. Then have them select the items that they feel are absolutely necessary for his survival. How is his return trip different from his other long adventures in the wilderness? Conservation—Numerous organizations in America are involved in game management.

Have students find out the purpose of each of the following organizations: Ask them to create a poster advertising one of these organizations.

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Each state in Briajs United States has game laws. Many states require a hunting and fishing license. Ask students to find out the laws regarding hunting and fishing in their state. Why is it important to have such laws?

Discuss Brins fear that overtakes Brian as he approaches the cabin. Debate whether his discovery will have a lasting effect on him, and make him more fearful. How does fear make him more aware of the signs in nature? Brian experiences various emotions when he discovers David Smallhorn dead in his cabin.

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How does this discovery contribute to a feeling of loneliness? Connecting to the Curriculum Science—Brian learns a lot about animals and how they communicate. The main conflict is the boy trying to beat the qinter and fight the harsh winter. Almost everything he had salvaged from the plane wreckage and from the wilderness was destroyed. At the end of the story a plane noticed Brian and came to rescue him. He has to find his own food and supplies. He does find some things from the plane. For example A small rifle, blanket, cooking utensils, and other things.

His first big kill when he went hunting was a moose. The second encounter with a big animal was the bear.

Gary Paulsen Long Fiction Analysis - Essay

The main character is Brian, the boy stuck in the wilderness. The part I liked most was when Brian rigged up his machine to go to the bottom of the pond to get things from the plane. The skin was harder to separate from the guts than the deer was. He cuts into the stomach of the animal and the entire guts comes out.

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Without the guts it was easier to skin. He eseay the next day barbecuing the moose meat and the rain came Something magical happened - the rain turned to light snow. He had made a pair of mittens from the hide of the moose. Then he noticed on his wall he has a wall side that he keeps the days on that it is the end of November.

So he had a big dinner that night. It seemed as though he was in a dream, he heard a rifle crack or a sound like it. At the third crack he was on his feet. He yelled in the direction.

He couldn't tell whether it was a dream or not. The next day he couldn't find tracks. He was leaning against a tree when all of a sudden the tree exploded from the inside.

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