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The test between Edsay and evil. This test can be as simple as small, daily difficulties, or as large as carkness general principle in which one bases his or hers life upon. Although many people will fail the test which are given to them, it is better to attempt the test and fail, than it is never to have taken it at all. Ralph and Piggy, who as well as representing civility, now also represent the goodness, or the 'passers' of this test of life. Through the many altercations with the hunters, those who have failed the test, we can observe the darkness beginning to rise.

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The ultimate dark darnkess, Jack, who hasn't even attempted the test, that is to be satisfied with one's dark lifestyle, shows how the journey of life presents us with the tasks and ddarkness which we are tested upon. Piggy perhaps was the character who was presented with the most tests. Many times he almost lost his sense and civility, but he always prevailed. Piggy at the verge of losing his sense murmured: Perhaps they knew before but they don't know now 'cos we'll never get there! It is impossible for one person to pass every test that life gives them, but the important thing is that you learn from every test, pass or fail, one must gain self-knowledge from each altercation.

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When Marlow's time came to take his test, it was not necessarily that he passed it, but more importantly he gains the self-knowledge needed in order to defeat the darkness within him. By containing his darkness and preventing the release of Esasy evil, he allows a certain degree of goodness to surface. The result of one's ability to contain his or her darkness does not always equal goodness, but instead it represents the awareness gained from each test. The natives show through their savagery and murderous ways that they have subsequently failed to gain the desired self-knowledge to maintain their goodness.

Kurtz xarkness be viewed as the character oj the novel who doesn't attempt to take life's challenges and at length seals his dark fate. Marlow's first view of Kurtz shows how the goodness, and evil fail to co-exist together: Seeing Kurtz for the first time, It was a distant glimpse: Had Kurtz heeart attempted the journey thhe test he was faced with perhaps he may have seen things in a different light. The natives on hsart other hand appear ignorant, but at the same time they appear content with their lifestyles. The two novels can be compared in many ways according to the characters, and the tests they take along the journey of their lives.

Piggy and Ralph can be compared to Marlow in the fact that they had either passed the test or clearly gained the self-knowledge to prevent the potential darkness within themselves from escaping. The two groups, the 'hunters' and the 'natives' can be similarly compared in terms regarding the characters who attempted to take the test but failed, an action which can, but not in these two cases, result in self-knowledge. Finally the two symbols of true darkness, Kurtz and Jack. The darkness within them surfaced due to that fact that not only did they fail to take the test of life, but they appeared to be content with the situation that this left them in. The evil which lies within all of us has a third and final way of showing itself.

This is exemplified through acts of commission, and through acts of omission. The actions which one commits, or fails to commit, can act as a channel in which evil or darkness will begin show. The dark forces which lay in Jack and his group were confirmed by their final direct actions. The action which reiterated the darkness in Jack was the murder of Piggy. The murder was very brutal, and unnecessary: Not only had they committed the murder but they indirectly reinforced their desire to deny civilization, as Piggy represented this. Earlier in the novel when Jack, and the hunters, directly disregarded civilization, they performed their first act of omission. This coupled with the savagery they possessed, showed a distinct lack of reason and reality, two of the key components to maintaining one's inner goodness.

Finally the murder of Simon, who represented the Christ figure in the book, was the element which finalized Jack's descent into a irretrievable darkness. Through the acts of commission and omission in Heart of Darkness, it is clear how the same actions, by separate people, can result in differing consequences. Marlow and Kurtz both live within the treacherous Congo, and are involved in the sales of ivory to gain power and wealth.

Heart Of Darkness Analysis Essay

The greed and stubbornness shown by the two men is very similar, but the result divers. Due to Kurtz's inner darkness which had risen, his downfall was evident. But through Marlow's ability to gain the self-knowledge required he was able to prevent his evil from emerging, which in turn kn lead to his eventual demise. The natives on the other hand represent an indirect act of omission movel which they were unable to obtain any knowledge. When the evil within them begins to surface they begin hart break down mentally and physically.

They become fierce, then eventually cataclysmic. They allow their true inner evil to take over, and they lose all capacity to gain any self-knowledge, which may have averted this catastrophe. The characters in the novels again are comparative with respect to direct and indirect actions. Marlow Essqy Ralph, through all the hardships and lack of civility, overcome the test of life, and finally prevent their own actions from surfacing their inner darkness. They are alike as they gain the essential knowledge to prevent this potential evil from taking its course. The natives and hunters find themselves in a situation in which, although they have committed few actions, have by-passed the opportunity to gain the smallest amount of knowledge, let alone the amount needed for to prevent future evil occurrences.

Finally, Kurtz and Jack through their direct and deliberate actions place themselves in a position where it is obvious that self-knowledge and control is not what they desire, but instead the inner darkness which controls them to surface. When one is in the position of gaining self-knowledge, or materialistic amounts, we are faced with one of the greatest and most true tests of life, it is imperative that one takes the test, for you can not avoid the test by attempting to gain both. Through examining the many different images which allow one's inner evil to surface, the lack of civility and restraints for good, the test which we must endure through life, and evil through commission and omission, it is evident how evil, if not checked by reality, reason, and imagination can surface in real life situations.

Even in today's society with the amount of civility we posses, inner darkness may arise in many ways. This is predominate in direct actions, but appropriately too through those omission. With the potential for evil so great in today's materialistic, difficult society, we find ourselves with the difficult task of taking life's many journeys and tests.

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About this resource This coursework was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. Throughout this novel the reader learns more and more of Imperialism and how man can be so evil. For the duration of the book, Marlow has set out to find Kurtz, a legend of a man, who is the chief of the Inner Station in Africa and seems to be a Jack-of-all-trades. Marlow is a man who no longer holds his innocence. He really has seen it all, mistreatment of others, death, murder, slavery, starvation, and sickness. He is a very diligent worker, and seems to hide behind it. For example, when one of the others on the ship was struck with an arrow and died, he returned to his job, sailing the ship.

He seems to have a great deal of respect for Kurtz, although he sees his flaws.

Marlow is glad to see that the majority of the territory was British owned and he was also glad to see that commerce, along with culture and religion were thriving. Critical Analysis of Heart of Darkness We have so large base of authors that we can prepare a unique summary of any book. How fast would you like to get it? We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Joseph Conrad seems to depict imperialism in this novel through Charles Marlow. He sees everything being done to the tribe members that he passes and at the station.

Throughout the book everyone speaks so highly of Kurtz and his accomplishments and what he has done for Africa. This novel is filled with literal and metaphorical contradictions: Kurtz and Marlow, Europe and Africa, good and evil, black and white, and so on. This novel has many symbols, and most symbolizing the corruption of that of imperialism. The fog that Marlow and the ship encounter for one is a great example. Marlow has no idea where he is going or if there is open water ahead. The fog game Marlow a push to make a decision but he had no idea if he should stop or keep going, like fog, darkness distorts a view.

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