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After trailing the entire first half, the Hornets rallied back in the second half to defeat the Bears for a competitive war of pride showcase in the second meeting of their Hempstead County battle season series. Blevins go onto sweep the series over Spring Hill for the season. Spring Hill Bears brought the intensity to the hardwood for Thursday night hoops in their rematch battle against the visiting Blevins Hornets. In first half play, the Bears were the aggressor early and sparked behind a three-pointer swished by Daden Reed give Spring Hill the lead in first quarter action. The Bears kept the pace rolling down to the 3: The Bears never trailed in the first period and led the Hornets at the end of the opening quarter.

In the second period, the Bears blazed the net for 19 points with the Hornets sparking for 22 points scored making their comeback. He describes his thesis on the thyroid gland of a three-toed sloth and goes on in detail about that sloth. He was given great credit for his knowledge in the zoology field but also held back because of his inability to divide religion and science. He also describes how he misses Richard Parker who we do not know. He goes on to mention his time in Mexico and a situation in an Indian restaurant in Canada.

The anecdotes are largely disjointed and unrelated thus far. He speaks very fast and begins his story. This Chapter reminds the reader that Chapter one was the beginning of an interview, which will now continue. Chapter 3 Pi relates about Francis Adirubasamy, a friend of the Patel family. We also learn that Francis was a great fan of the swimming pools of Paris, including one in particular, the Piscine Molitor, which his family subsequently named Pi after. Chapter 4 Piscine describes for the author the beautiful Pondicherry Zoo, run by his father, a former hotel operator.

He compares the keeping of a zoo to the keeping of a hotel and how animals are similar to hotel occupants.

Biok growing up in a zoo, Piscine learns much of the world of nature. He loves the beauty and perfection of it all and sees the animals as happy for having reporh own territories. He claims that animals in the wild do not truly have freedom because they are dictated by their predators and the space restrictions. It quickly catches on and it makes him quite happy. Satish Kumar begins to relay his belief that all things can be described scientifically, describing his bout with polio and how medicine saved him as a child, not God.

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He comments on how atheists are more acceptable than agnostics, uoops are full of doubt. Chapter 8 Visitors to the zoo are responsible for performing Bpok great deal of horrible things with the animals, declaring humans as the worst of all animals. He again mentions Richard Parker and the folly of anthropomorphizing animals and humans. He shows the boys a tiger that has not been fed for three days, a standard condition in the wild. His father goes on to describe the strength of every animal in the zoo against human beings, that is of course except guinea pigs. Chapter 9 Starting here, Pi describes some of the science of zoology and zoo keeping. Here he goes on about flight distance and how far an animal will stay from an enemy.

That distance can be diminished by offering ample food, water, and shelter. Chapter 10 Pi describes animals that would not enjoy captivity, those that were captured and brought to the zoo or those few zoo bred creatures that temporarily feel the instinctual call to leave.

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He describes how animals are leaving something not seeking something when they escape. Chapter 11 As an example, Pi tells of a leopard in the mountains of Switzerland who survived there for two months. Chapter 13 Again focusing on animal training, Pi discusses lion taming. He discusses the act of establishing dominance over a lion with a whip and establishing alpha male status. It actually calms most animals to know their place in the order of things. Chapter 14 With more on lion training, Pi describes how the lower the social standing of an animal, the easier it is to train them. It will be loyal and loving with a trainer because the trainer offers it protection and food, something all creatures seek in nature.

It serves to display how an animal clearly stronger than a human might submit to a human being which it could easily kill. There are numerous religious artifacts representing numerous different religions, from Hinduism to Christianity and Islam. He only describes the area without making comments. This Chapter begins the discussion of the various religious discussions in the next few Chapters. He describes the details of the rituals and what they stand for in the religion. He is a very religious man and enjoys it, but explains that fundamentalism is flawed with a story about Krishna disappearing before possessive milkmaids.

He mentions both Christians for their trust in love and Muslims for their awareness of God in everything. He makes a very circuitous description of how different the religions are and yet how with a different hat they are completely interchangeable. Chapter 17 On a trip to Munnar, Pi notices a trio of hills, each with a temple, church, or mosque on it. Seeing the three equally spaced and realizing his foundation in the Hindu faith, he goes to meet Jesus Christ. He sees a priest from a distance and is astounded by his acts of love. He is confused, but enters the church anyways, wondering which statue is mean to represent the Catholic god.

The following day he meets Father Martin on a return trip and learns more of Christianity and the nature of Jesus and his sacrifice. Pi tries to understand by comparing Hindu deities to the Christian faith but fails in doing so. Over the course of days, the two meet often and Pi answers numerous questions, attempting to learn more. He decides he will become a Christian, praying at the church, then going back to the Hindu temple and praying thanks for helping him find the Catholic faith. Chapter 18 A year passes and Pi experiences the same curiosity when he witnesses the Great Mosque.

He sees it but is afraid to enter, so enters a local bakery instead. He witnesses the bakery owners relaxed, repetitive prayer motions and later thinks on it while praying at the Catholic Church. Chapter 19 He goes back to the bakery to ask the baker questions on the religion and is led to the mosque where he participates in the bowing and prayers with the other Muslims. Chapter 20 Pi relays that the baker is also named Satish Kumar, the same as his biology teacher and is a Sufi or Muslim mystic.

He even describes an instance in which he witnessed the Virgin Mary in Ngiht. Chapter 21 The author returns again to discuss his afternoons with Pi. He ponders the words of Pi related hoopz the next Chapter about religion and atheism. Chapter 22 Pi thinks on how an atheist might experience oon, upon that final revelation. He does not appreciate their boops of imagination and faith. While at the beach, all three of the religious leaders Pi studies with appear and meet his family. He knows Booj choice of religious multiplicity will not be accepted and when the priest says Pi is a good Christian, the others react confusedly. They argue for a bit, declaring Pi as their own until they agree that it is okay for him to be hoops religious and a seeker of God.

However, they end up deciding that he cannot be of all three religions and must choose one. The family walks on with some ice cream and the matter is left alone. Chapter 24 Ravi goes on to tease Boook about the encounter and his multiplicity. He jokes about religious holidays and how Pi more or less gets every day as a holiday by recognizing three religions. Chapter 25 Pi rails against those that do not accept his religious choices openly. He comments on their close mindedness. Regardless of his opinions though he is not allowed in any of the standard churches, temples or mosques and is forced to worship on his own. He decides that religion is played out within, not outside.

Chapter 26 Pi goes to his father for religious accoutrements. He asks for a Christian baptism and an Islamic prayer rug. His father states that they are Indian and that he should be Hindu to which Pi replies that both Christian and Muslim faith have been in India for centuries. His parents begin to pass him back and forth and change topics repeatedly. They compare them both as foolishness and decide Pi will eventually get over it as they hope Gandhi willgiving into his requests in the end. Chapter 28 Pi takes his prayer rug outside and absorbs the beauty of the outdoors.

His family watches him in a mixture of curiosity and embarrassment through it all, including his joy at being baptized. Chapter 29 Despite the major issues on the political landscape which he understands but does not care for Pi is happy with his life in the zoo and with God. He realizes then that the house is filled with not only religious evidence but marriage evidence. Chapter 31 As Pi awaits Mr. When he does arrive, they take a walk and discuss the different animals and how they interact, especially the Zebras. Kumar arrives and Pi lets them both feed the Zebras with a carrot.

They all marvel at the beauty of the experience. The two Kumars, representing science and religion interact the same with nature in this scene. Chapter 32 Zoomorphism is when an animal sees another as one of its own. Pi explains this in terms of the lion tamer once again, and how a lion will see the human tamer as an alpha creature. He gives numerous examples such as a mouse living in peace with a snake for weeks. The snake for whatever reason does not eat the mouse. Eventually a second, younger snake eats the mouse. He describes the process in detail and how the snake must feel regret for eating a mouse. Richard Parker is in one picture, though not recognizable as the reader has not yet been introduced to Richard Parker.

Pi comments that he is said he cannot remember his mother, as he has no picture of her. Pi compares himself and his brother to the animals soon to be shipped overseas. It takes over a year to prepare to leave, due to so much paperwork for such a substantial transfer. Eventually the Patel family prepares to leave and Americans arrive to check out the animals. He is incredibly excited to be leaving. This is the last time the author interjects as this is the last Chapter in Part 1 of the book.

He sees Richard Parker in the water and calls him to him and helps get him aboard. Amazingly, Pi is completely well, with no physical injuries, but is a mess thinking about his family and the zoo animals who have surely drowned. When he finally realizes what he is doing, he sees that he has helped bring aboard Richard Parker, a pound Bengal tiger. Pi immediately jumps overboard to escape. Chapter 38 Returning to his days on the boat, Pi describes the voyage on the Tsimtsum. One night, late, Pi hears an explosion and tries to wake his brother. He fails and heads up top to the deck to see what has happened. When he tries to go back below, the stairwell is blocked by water so he runs to three Chinese crew people who give him a life jacket and a whistle and throw him over board.

The ship is sinking. He manages to keep the whistle though. As he tries to recover the Chinese crew members start yelling at him. Immediately afterwards a Zebra crashes aboard, followed by the boat breaking free of the freighter and hitting the water. Chapter 40 Back in the water after jumping away from Richard Parker, Pi clings to a buoy hoping to keep far enough from Richard Parker not to be eaten. He sees though that there are sharks in the water, so when he cannot see Richard Parker under the tarpaulin, he wedges an oar under it and climbs out of the water.

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He pulls the buoy up and out of the water and Bookk himself afterward. Chapter 41 Pi comes closer and closer hokps the boat on the oar and decides that holps Richard Parker is beneath the tarpaulin, he will not come out with Pi out of sight. He sees yet another animal aboard too, a spotted hyena. He cynically thinks that the crewmembers might have tossed him overboard to get rid of the hyena and save repoort. He assumes the tiger fell Book because there is no way a tiger and a hyena could reprt together.

Chapter 42 Floating in the ocean, Pi comes across a female orangutan named Orange Juice. He grabs the banana net she drifts towards him on and climbs aboard the boat, causing the hyena to scream. Chapter 43 While Pie thinks to himself that there are likely hundreds of rescuers out looking for him, that he and Orange Juice will be rescued from their ocean prison, the hyena continues to pace the boat, at one point jumping onto the tarpaulin for a moment before running back in fear. It starts barking and running around the zebra for a moment while Pi sits in fear contemplating just how disturbing the hyena is as a creature. Eventually the hyena vomits and lies down. Chapter 44 When the sun comes up, Pi still sits on the oar, afraid to enter the boat with the predators.

He wonders what the dark will do to the animals before hearing the barking of the hyena and the grunting of the orangutan. Beneath the boat, water predators continue to make noise as well. Chapter 45 As the sun comes up, Pi searches in vain for the rescue ship he is sure must be looking for him. I really liked this book.

Night Hoops

I was able to connect to it because it was about basketball. Even though I never yoops pulled out of a varsity game and never had to sit a repirt because of a mistake I made, I was still able to make personal connections with the sport. Night Goops had a ton of main events. He loved the sport and would give up anything just to play it. He had a pretty good start to his sophomore year o Personal Response: He had a pretty good start to his sophomore year of school and basketball, but things started to go downhill after a few weeks.

He lost confidence in himself. His parents got a divorce, so his dad left giving Nick no one to play basketball against at night. His mom cared more about Scott and his band than Nick and basketball. His dad got mad at him because he was working so hard and he was going to get that varsity spot, but now he lost it all.

He started working harder on his homework and he asked one of his teammates to come over at night so he could shot hoops. Nick changed a lot, but one of his teammates didn't. Trent had a rough life. His parents were never there for him and his brother Scott was always getting in trouble with the cops. Trent always dragged himself into his brothers problems and he never did his school work. He lost out on a lot with basketball too. A major event that happened in the book that messed things up for Nick and Trent was when Scott shot a guy for revenge.

Nick got put in charge of watching Trent after the word spread that Trent did it because the basketball team needed Trent.

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