General motors globalization essays

The technological developments which were occurring in the macro environment along an increasing impact of globalisation meant that the competition in the auto industry became particularly severe which forced car manufacturers like GM to focus much more on process control in order to reduce cost and maintain profit margins.

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The combined requirement from consumers who are more technology concerned and major dealers who have rising power in relation to car manufacturers in selecting what they want to sell resulted for GM in innovation within the design and production process. The online retailing form and the new subsidiary OnStar seems to create new competitive advantages for GM in adopting sophisticated IT systems. At this stage sophisticated design solutions and effective cost control became essential for GM in gaining and holding onto its competitive position in the industry.

Based on this the use of the PESTEL framework which incorporates political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors in such an analysis is a useful one in understanding the competitive position of General Motors in the auto industry. Discuss how GM will have to redesign its business processes to be able to compete successfully and achieve a leading role in the new economy? Each of us is qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay question.

It is obvious that internet based information systems in GM allow better communication with suppliers and dealers as well as more effective customer data analysis and research.

First of all globalizagion IT system based logistic process should be more closely linked with suppliers, manufacturers Gneeral dealers. However standardisation might be challenged by diversified national, cultural as well as customer requirements which in turn mean adjustment in relation to computerised systems tends to create extra costs during this process. Particularly these trends were resulting from the impacts of globalisation and technological developments such as e-commerce. Firstly based on the details of this case study the most important force may be defined as technological trends within the auto industry in terms of Internet related information systems particularly.

Professional customer services are especially vital in modern business contexts thus GM should seek to exploit sophisticated information systems in understanding and then satisfying their customers more effectively than competitors. GM as a global manufacturer could also defend itself against new entrants into the industry. In turn appropriate organisational structures are argued to be critical in shaping correct responsive organisational behaviour, Mullins, Additionally in order to achieve a customer focused strategy the IT system provided professional electronic services as well as online financing for customers to assist them in the purchase of a GM product.

Another point of consideration is that the maintenance of IT systems was expected to increase this cost also along with the initial cost for GM.

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