Ba thesis defense

The first mistake is describe later. What is a thesis?

defebse Your thesis is not your dissertation. Neither is it a one liner about what you are doing. Your thesis is "a thesjs or proposition that a person as a candidate for scholastic honors advances and offers to maintain by argument. Similarly, "I wrote a program to play chess" is not a thesis; "playing chess requires a database of actual games" is. A thesis has to claim something. There are many kinds of theses, especially in computer science, but most of them can be lumped into one of the following classes: Make sure you clearly specify the class of tasks Y to which your thesis applies.

Besides being a proposition, a thesis has to have another property: What is a defense? A defense tthesis evidence for a thesis. What kind of evidence is apprpropriate depends on what kind of thesis is being defended. In computer science, the more common defense is based on empirical results from running an experiment. A good defense here means more than one example, and answers to questions such as the following.

What are the steps for a successful thesis defense?

What are the capabilities and limits of your experiment? How often do the things that your experiment does come up in the real world? What's involved in extending it? If it's easy to extend, why haven't you? If your example is a piece of a larger system, how realistic are your assumptions about input and output? Can your result do the same examples the previous results did, or can you make them do yours? Can you prove they couldn't do your examples?

If you Bz to be more efficient, what are you measuring? It is usually very tough to do, even if the argument doesn't have to be formalized. It requires serious experimental evidence to defend, unless your real thesis is of the previous form, i. Selected excerpts from protocols and surveys of your officemates are not psychological evidence, no matter how much they might have inspired your work. The defense would be an analysis of the limits of process X, i. I have lots of theses in my dissertation. Which one should I pick for my defense? You've likely been researching and contemplating your topic for well over a year, and the material will be fresher and more immediate for you than for them.

If you pause to think about this, it should give you extra confidence going into the thesis defense.

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At dedense same time, your thesis committee members will likely know your field in a much broader sense than you. They may BBa ask you to indicate where in the larger scheme defenss things, where in your field, your thesis will fit. That's where the big "So What? You've been tgesis prepare for it. Additionally, one question you should anticipate from your thesis committee is, "What do you plan to do with the thesis, htesis graduate school? Do you intend to do further research on your topic once you've gotten a job coming out of grad school?

Do you intend to seek grants to help you further develop your project? Do you intend to collaborate with another scholar before you offer your work to a broader audience? What to wear to your thesis defense When defending your thesis, you want to prove to your committee and advisor that you are capable of producing more broad-ranging, in-depth pieces of scholarly writing. With this in mind, you should look the part. You will want to wear professional attire that is comfortable - the last thing you want is to distract your audience from the masterpiece that is your thesis by tugging at clothing while you are presenting your defense or fielding questions.

Nor do you want to disrupt your own ability to concentrate by squeezing into those cute shoes. Showtime No matter how nervous you are, be sure to focus and to listen with care to the questions posed to you.

Thesis defense rehearsal

Take a moment to pause before thesiz give your answer if Ba thesis defense need to - they are not looking for quick responses, degense they are looking for degense ones. You should expect to be asked to address tyesis more controversial aspects of your thesis. Keep in mind that you don't have to defend everything about your thesis. If you don't have an answer to a question, don't fake it or make any promises - reply that the question is interesting and that you will consider it in the future. Defending your thesis requires you to be political to a certain extent. If you are having trouble with managing your fears while defending your thesis, you may find it helpful to use visual aids during your presentation.

They can help you stay focused and confident, as well as help you pace yourself. Visual aids, if you use them, should clearly state the research problem, objectives, approaches, and the contributions of your thesis work. You may also decide to videotape or audiotape your defense, as it can help you keep track of the reactions, suggestions, and criticisms that you receive.

Often your thesis committee members will offer tips for revision. These could be crucial as you revise your work for later publication or development. But you will be so focused on what you need to say next during your thesis defense that you will very likely not remember much of what the professors said after the fact. If you document the session, you will later be able to retrieve and follow the expert advice your thesis committee offered during your defense. One of the most crucial things to remember when defending your thesis is to maintain a level of passion about your research. If you are passionate about your work, your advisor and committee will take note of this, and it will underscore the importance of your thesis.

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After all, who defene passionate about the concluding event of a long and difficult journey? Bows After you have presented your defnese, you will either be told that you have passed, that your thesis needs minor revisions, that your thesis needs to be resubmitted, or that it has not been approved. The last two possibilities are rare, especially if you have followed the thesis writing process properly, and if you have stayed in meaningful contact with your advisor.

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