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They are also a certified source of information contrary to Internet where anybody can write what he wants. That gives to the printed and TV news a very high power over the information In some countries, the power of the press is so strong that it even exceeds the one of anvlais State. For instance, during the Watergate Scandal, the deviez tried to censor the press, in vain, because the journalists benefit of the freedom of speech and the right not to reveal their sources. We must not fssayer that in most of the countries, there is also a form of selection of information made by the newspapers: This is usually made according to a political point of view.

Therefore the point of view used by the newspapers is not neutral and so they target a part of the population more than another. Moreover, thanks to the new technologies, the printed news and TV news establish a media power at the international scale. Indeed, they open a way to the world to link countries together and also to transmit information all over the world. In fact, information technologies allow us to be informed on what is happening in other countries, when we switch on the TV, or the radio we can get access to the news very quickly. For instance, only a few hours after the bombing of Charlie Hebdo or the third attacks in Paris this 13 of November, everyone was aware of the situation thanks to the media.

Then, Internet has the undeniable power to link people together no matter where they are.

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Those technologies devriz our relationship and the way we communicate. Indeed, essaysr and less cards and letters are sending. People use social media to communicate, in fact sending a message on Facebook only take a few seconds while sending a card can take several days. Internet permits us to stay in contact more easily than never. Internet also has the power to subject people. For instance, geeks can spend days online without sleeping and going out, just for playing their games.

But also, when we walk on the street, lots of people are watching their cell phones, so Internet cut the connection between people and make them live in another world, not the real one. In summary, times have changed. The media hold power over us, because they rhythm our lives. Consequently, we have to be careful because we can loose control.

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From my point of view, the media are a good thing, but we have to moderate our use, stay open minded and critic. And also accept the fact that there are as many negative points as there are positive ones. When we walk down the street we are guaranteed to see lots of people looking at their mobile phones Power is the ability or official capacity to exercise control or authority over othersevents or ressources ; to make things happen despite obstaclesresistance or opposition. It can be a person, a group, or a nation having great influence over people. Thenplace could Vous devriez essayer en anglais an important building or institution that represent a sort of power, for example Buckingham Palace is a symbol of the British monarchy.

Firstly we are going to see an almighty power and thena power in decrease. To illustrate my presentation I'm going to use three different documents: Redonner le titre "Places In my opinion,it is the ablity Power makes things happen Que voulez vous dire dans la phase suivante? That Sunday ,we decided to go for a ride ,so we all ran to fetch our bicycles" Vous mettez Firstly, mettez secondly Examinez le fond de votre argumentaire et demandez vous ce qui est relatif au sujet: Indeeduniversity enable people to get a high qualified job such as doctor, engineer, teacher Butthe cost of university are really expensive.

Up to what point can one say that the universities are instruments of beiong able? But the cost of the university and very expensive and there is that the rich population has to be able to access to go the university people has to try to find solution to pay the university. Either it takes close has the bank and when it starts their job are involves in debt and spends several year hascountry the debt. If not it finds small work dimensioned and its tiredness because it are to occupies for rthe study because it owes work. The relative puts money of with dimensions birth of the child has fine to offer a good university to him. People want to go has the university because they will be a suitable life, they will be able to carry out a happier life and to have better chance to have a good job well country.

It passed its examination and have. And other a boy sucks dropped located in aunderprivileged sector. And that as the university are expensive very little of high underprivilged gi in such a university. The scene takes place in the street of londre.

According anglas them the cost of education is ajglais expensive. Higher education is not accessible has all people can not always pay. Thus we can see that the university is intruments of the power because study them protest much, study them are really justifies. For the student, the university represents many being able. And it are a personal satisfaction when it go in university to conclude degree is a instruments of power because it's really important for the life, to have good job, a better live.

First of all I would like to give a definition of power. Power is the ability to control others, or resources ; the ability to make essayed happen revriez obstacles, resistance, or opposition. Power can be political, economical, military, cultural… Now would like to give a definition of seats. Let me explain why I have chosen this documents: They show the power of the press and also of the president in America. In what extent medias have power in America? In order to illustrate the title, there are three subtitles. It shows that nobody thought that he could make it and he proved all them wrong. To conclude, we can say that American medias got the power to tell their impressions through all the entire America.

So, medias got an important role and they are very powerful. During all the different conflicts like the Second World War, press was used as a propagandist thing and told some false information to the societies.

Medias in America have power, bad and good. One of the bad power wn the press is the power of manipulation of the societies. Medias in America and also in others countries have power. First because they can tell what they think and so tell what the society think. Finally, we often have news advertising. We can add, the price is cheap on fast food, cheapest than good restaurant, it's sure!

And the openinghours are very large?? Lately, we can say many people go to fast food in order to eat french fries for anlgais or to drink coca, it's not devrriez healthy but many people love that, they love sweet food, like ice-cream. On top of that chemical additive that make we want to eat more ever if you are not hungry. To conclude, i can say i don't like fast food restaurant's food because it's too fattening and unhealthy and that's why many children become obese. What are repercussionsof junk food?

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We win voc time Vuos the service is fast and we can eat anywhere, for instance you can eat in the edvriez while walking or during our work, in fact people back time sens? Morevover, adverts for those restaurants are very appetizing, for instance, Mcdonald's hamburgers are ver ortho appetizing on the advert but they are not really like that. Furthermore fast food restaurants make adverts for toys whose erreur de relatif insite voc the children to come on preposition those restaurant il manque la marque du pluriel so their parents do use sens? Finally, we often have news voc advertising.

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