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Their Akaike information criteria AIC values were used to compare the models. We then tested whether rSMR changed as a function of food regime over the day period.

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We examined asdignment variation in metabolic flexibility in response to changing food levels and its consequences for somatic growth. SMR increased when individuals were switched to a high food ration and decreased when they were switched to a low food assignmeent. SMR can increase or decrease in response to food availability, but the consequences of these changes for growth rates and other fitness components are not well known. Flexibility in metabolic rate may be particularly important since metabolism reflects the energetic cost of living and is one of the primary traits underlying organismal performance.

Statistical analyses We first examined the relationship between double log-transformed SMR and body mass. Food regime, measurement time i. A peristaltic pump Cole Parmer, London, UK pumped water from an upper aerated bin, through the chambers, passed an oxygen sensor, and into a lower bin before it was recirculated back to the upper bin.

Flexibility in metabolic rate confers a growth advantage under changing food availability

Given recent climate change and the degree of habitat modification Philosopny experienced by many organisms, it is therefore critical to quantify the degree of phenotypic variation present within populations, individual capacities to change and what their consequences are for fitness. The fork length and body mass of each fish were remeasured each week, and rations were adjusted to account for increases in body size. Results Log-transformed SMR intercept: The three ration levels were determined using equations from Elliott that describe the growth of brown trout as a function of caloric intake, temperature and initial body size Appendix S1a.

Respirometry Standard metabolic rate was measured as the rate of oxygen consumption using continuous flow-through respirometry.

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In all analyses, batch number 15 fish per group was included as a random effect to account for the order in which fish entered the experiment. If these are causal relationships between SMR and growth, there could be significant growth advantages for those individuals that show the biggest upregulation of SMR when food becomes abundant and the greatest decrease in SMR when food becomes scarce. Abstract Phenotypic flexibility in physiological, morphological and behavioural traits can allow organisms to cope with environmental challenges.

Published online Jun Fish were then placed in individual respirometry chambers, and their oxygen consumption was measured continuously over a h period from roughly to the next day. Of the fish, only were included in analyses because 2 fish regularly consumed less than half their daily rations, and the final standard metabolic rate measurements of 2 fish were compromised by faulty tubing.

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