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The forest had become otherworldly; I couldn't tell where it ended and my imagination began. Unseen ferns and bushes brushed my bare hand.

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It was absolutely pitch dark black. It wasn't distinctly sexual. There was no usw or tdoay. The opening was small, but once we got inside there was plenty of room for both of us to move around. She couldn't believe it or explain it either, but we both saw what we saw, and in exactly the same way. I took it off and spread it across the bush to give us the best chance of ever finding our clothes again, then steadied myself with my hand on her shoulder.

USA Today Editor Shares Experiences with Journalism Class

We were both still a little shaky. Who else could she possibly have been? Ginny pulled her shirt off over her head and draped it onto a bush. We just stood really close together with the tips of the hairs on our bodies brushing against each other.

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