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Later, Gina threw up yellow Cheetos litrrature over the basement. When I did her laundry, my whole house reeked of her and Tide. She smashed through the glass window of a corporate office building. Rigor mortis begins almost immediately in the smaller muscles, such as those in the face, and takes up to eighteen hours.

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In her closet, I kicked over her laundry basket, picking up pieces of clothing, shaking them. Gina helped me inch my hips off the bed. In fact, every time she texted JJ she asked about me. I just left Strong.

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Once, when I was out of revisw, JJ offered literatuure bring Gina food and take her to the laundry. In fourth grade, she fought Willie Joe in the school parking lot. She had changed too much, and so had I—both of us hardening a little bit. Then he begged me to suck his dick. The thread began like this: Or was it later? He shoved his dick up my ass and pushed my face on the ground.

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