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Essay on British India

It abolished the Court of directors and empkre Board of Control. It is Cornwallis who increased the salaries of the civil servants and debarred them from taking bribes. Both these measures hastened the process of draining of the wealth of India by the colonialists with their colonial policies. To whatever political and economical philosophy the British subscribed, every Britisher was interested in the stability and security of the British territorial power in India.

In order to earn maximum profits from Indian trade and commerce and to develop monopoly of trade and mepire they competed with other European powers. It introduced changes in the constitution eszay the Court of directors of the company and the company affairs were put under the control of the government. The judicial system was one of the main pillars of administrative structure and framework of the British in India. This board was given power over the activities of the Court of directors. By Charter Act, one more member was added to the executive council of Governor General to enact laws.

The number of members of the councils of the presidencies was reduced to two.

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They were given the powers to rule in the name of Her Majesty. Lord Macaulay, the new law member played a very crucial role in influencing the educational policy of the British. There was a great demand in India for the abolition of the company rule and assumption of authority by the crown.

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