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We think this approach could easily be implemented outside the trial setting because there are already many trained health surveillance assistants in Malawi who could implement this.

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Some partners may not have reported to our public clinic because huv perceived low care or status of most public health facilities. Partner notification methods that involve healthcare providers assisting index cases to disclose have increased uptake of sexual partners receiving STI treatment 3. The objectives of partner notification include providing earlier diagnosis and treatment for the partners of infected individuals, with aims of reducing onward transmission, preventing consequences of undiagnosed infections, and providing an opportunity to discuss safer sexual behaviour with sexual partners 1.

One of the healthcare workers mentioned the following during a focus group discussion: The relative cost implication of provider partner notification calls for targeting the approach to those who require the service. We completed 12 in-depth interviews with sexual partners, of which seven were females.


He is someone who does not take time to hear what the other person has to say. Our study hinted that gender dynamics was one of the issues affecting partner notification. In the provider group, a healthcare provider notified partners directly. Effective partner notification programmes can help increase disclosure to sexual partners and encourage HIV testing among the sexual partners of those infected with HIV 6.

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However, they also reiterated that it is not easy to disclose one's HIV results to sexual partners and notification depends on the type of partner. Clients in the passive referral group were responsible for notifying their sexual partners themselves. An alternative plan of linkage with private clinics was a missed opportunity to get a diverse partner representation. Preferred methods of partner notification Passive notification was the preferred method of disclosure among index patients and their partners. In all arms, index cases were encouraged to immediately inform their sexual partners and were provided notification cards.

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