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Teaching Writing Skills Based on a Genre Approach to L2 Primary School Students: An Action Research

At the beginning of the intervention, the quality of their written tasks did not meet the required standard. Bpok beneficial aspects of the genre approach have been asserted by a significant number of genre theorists. Using action research, the genre approach was implemented over a week term with two lessons per week in a culturally and linguistically diverse ESL class in a South Australian public metropolitan primary school. It is argued that once students notice the salient features of a genre, they will be able to produce their own examples of the same genre more effectively. The questions included whether, this kind of text uses bias and visual images or not, and whether exaggeration or omission of facts are used to influence the audience.

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These two groups take different pedagogical perspectives regarding the way the genre approach should be implemented in the composition classroom Flowerdew, Then, the students compared and contrasted the characteristics of the language used in each genre. The students found it quite easy to differentiate reports and expository texts on the basis of which verbs appeared in which. It was also noticed that the students were actively involved in building up a rationale to support their argument. L2 students are enrolled in this school after completing six months of the new arrival program. They see genre somewhat differently from the ESP and the Sydney school. For example, students compared the verbs used in reports with those used in expository texts and also noted the technical vocabulary used in each genre.

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