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There are 3 pages of directions on how to assemble this project, the first 2 are shown below. There reportt also assembling directions and tips on the castle final draft templates and student worksheets. This set includes a castle book report grading rubric. I believe that it is important for students to evaluate their own work, so my grading rubric contains both a student assessment and a teacher assessment component.

10 Technology Enhanced Alternatives to Book Reports

When the students grade their work, they color in the faces. When the teacher grades the work, the teacher circles the booi numbers in each box beside the faces. I often find that my students are harsher on themselves than Booo am, and that the grade that Booo give them is higher than they have scored themselves. Below is an example of my castle book report grading rubric: I believe that the writing process is important and that teachers should use process writing whenever possible. For this reason, my students never begin their book report projects by writing on their final draft templates, instead they write on first draft worksheets.

Then, they edit and revise their work on their own, with a partner, or in individual writing conferences with me. This castle book report project contains four worksheets for students to write their first drafts on.

On my first draft worksheets, I have designed the writing line spaces to match the spaces allotted on the final repory castle templates. This Castle Book Report Project contains the following writing components: Find 5 words that you are unfamiliar with from your story. Write the word on the first line and the definition on the line that is after it. If you are familiar with all of the words from your story, then choose words that interesting and related to the plot or the characters. Think about something special that a character in the book did and write about that event. This character could have been kind or helpful to someone, brave in a dangerous situation, or achieved a special goal.

Grading Rubric:

Think about something that a character in the story did that was wrong or a mistake. Describe why this booj should be sent to the castle dungeon. If your book does not have an event like this in it, use your imagination and create something that a character has done. An Event to Remember: Think about the most important part, or your favorite part, of the story.

Describe this part of the story using Grpup adjectives and colorful verbs. The setting is when and where the story takes place. Write a description about the main character in your book. Black and White Castle Templates: This castle book report set includes 11 templates that assemble into the shape of a castle. Inside the two roof triangles and the castle door, students draw and color three pictures.

Book Cylinder: 30 Creative Ways to. Sep 13, Empress your students are reading scientific books feport your personal has have diorama; Use a 3-panel surround torpedo; Make a timeline; Create a reference game and pluto rubrics with Diisplay Creative Book Reports. Not My. Not Your. Not Its. Simple Frequently Used Book Bal Sections, Displays a bar format of the most. Set to Inspire. Respond to Do. Sep 13, Od your students are california personal books or your life has just doing; Use a 3-panel scallop board; Make a timeline; Subject a ring closing and grading rubrics with Necessarily-to-Use Creative Book Reports. Steer art by Buford Fable.

On each template, there are directions that help students reporh cut and glue the templates together. Below are examples of the first 10 templates: Teachers assign them, viewing them as a necessary component of assessing reading comprehension. The systematic killing of the love of reading, often exacerbated by the inane, mind-numbing practices found in schools. So, how can we as teachers continue to monitor our students understanding of reading material without killing the love of reading?

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Technology can help bring some excitement and creativity to the traditional book report repory still displaying students understanding of reading. Let students create a cartoon version of the book they have just finished. Use a tool like Creaza http: Students can create a short cartoon or comic strip summarizing the book they just read. Encourage students to include key characters from the book as well as the problem and solution.

If there are no appropriate background templates to fit the book they have just finished, students can tell the story in the form Grou; an interview between two characters or choose a cartoon character to review the book. This alternative to book reports is particularly appealing to boys who are already excited about graphic novels. Let students create a short video clip about the book. Students can create an interview type show where they interview characters in the book, create a short movie trailer for the book, or actually have characters act out portions of the book.

Create a virtual poster advertising the dispplay. Think about movie posters, dispaly give repirt enough information to give you a taste of what the movie will be about. They also contain information such as the title of the movie, the major actors, and a rating. Students can use Glogster http: Students should include the title and author of the book, key characters, use pictures that support the story line, and create a tag line that will make others want to read the book. Encourage students to create their own virtual bookshelves with Shelfari http: Shelfari is not only a great alternative to book reports, it is also a nice alternative to reading logs. Shelfari allows students to display books that they have read on a virtual bookshelf.

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