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As an on-demand service, OIN integrations are continuously validated, always up to date, and constantly growing both in number and capability. Okta performs a single integration with an ISV or SP, providing llgin of end users with point-and-click customization for their orgs. In a SSO system, a user logs in once to the system and can access multiple systems without being prompted to sign in for each one. Okta is a cloud-based SSO platform that allows users to enter one name and password to access multiple applications.

Users can access all of their web applications, both behind the firewall and in the cloud, with a single sign in.


Okta provides a seamless experience across PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. As an admin, you can add Homewogk assign these applications to your end users. Use the Add Application button to add applications to your system, assign them to users, and configure your sign-on and group settings. Please note it may take up to 2 business days to process registration after receipt of the request.

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Additional questions may be directed to Cathy Perry at cathy. Submitting an Assignment This demonstration includes information Homewoork submitting an assignment through Blackboard. My Grades Display Options My Grades oHmework An Order by drop-down list allows you to change order by course, last activity, or due date. By default items are ordered by course, which displays items in the order the instructor has arranged them. You can narrow the listed items by selecting All, Graded, Upcoming, and Submitted. For example, selecting Graded only shows rows that have been graded by the instructor.

The text validztion and row spacing have been reduced, resulting in more information mnaager displayed on the page at once. It should look like this: Now you are ready for the real development on the Events management system. It mixes the entity data models with the Entity Framework data context and the MVC view models for the views and MVC input models for mapping the forms. Delete the unneeded files from the Events.

Move the file Events. Now the Visual Studio Solution will not compile. Many errors will be shown if we rebuild with [F6]: We need to fix some issues: Your code should look like this: Change its namespace to Events. Your code will still not compile. Now you should add NuGet references to the missing libraries: The others depend on it and will be installed by dependency. Data should compile without errors.


Web will not compile due to missing classes: Add project reference from Events. Web project to Events. Now the project should compile correctly. Test the MVC application. It should work correctly.

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