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As a center of refineries and shipyards for more than fifty years, the San Francisco Bay Area has provided prime venues for many thousands of suits filed by workers claiming asbestos-related disease.

Adams | Nye | Becht LLP clients range from major mines and manufacturers of insulation to such second, third, or fourth wave defendants as retailers, contractors, and property owners. Our attorneys have defended these cases since the beginning. We retain nationally and internationally recognized experts in defense of our clients. We have also worked with local judges to develop systems for efficient and cost-effective case management.

Our attorneys receive defense verdicts at trial on a regular basis. For example, we successfully established a contractor's lack of negligence in a case in which other defendants were faced with a verdict in excess of $500,000. In another matter, we proved to a jury that the decedent and his employer were the cause of his fatal, asbestos-related illness. In yet another, we received a defense verdict by establishing that smoking was the overwhelming cause of lung cancer in a man, even though asbestos was a conceded contribution.

More importantly, our lawyers devise "exit strategies," working with our clients to find methods most likely to dissuade plaintiffs' attorneys from suing our clients. We have succeeded in extracting clients from hundreds of cases on dismissals, often completely resolving any asbestos-related claims against them in Northern California.

Every client circumstance is different, and not every defendant can be easily extracted from litigation. However, Adams | Nye | Becht LLP has a proven track record of reducing client exposure and expense from these troublesome lawsuits, and successfully trying those cases that cannot be resolved.


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