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California courts provide a welcoming climate for product liability litigation. Even the most thoughtfully designed, carefully manufactured, and meticulously inspected products become litigation targets. Some cases are nuisances to be dispensed with as quickly and economically as possible, but a major lawsuit can pose a daunting threat. Class action and mass tort litigation can put companies out of business.

Adams | Nye | Becht LLP designs strategies to end the litigation, minimize the damage and restrict the client's exposure to isolated situations. We have represented hundreds of national and local clients in product liability matters. Several of our lawyers have served as National and Regional Counsel for corporate clients and have helped formulate nationwide policies for the defense of recurring, single-product suits and mass tort litigation.

Our lawyers have successfully litigated product liability cases involving claims for personal injury, wrongful death, business loss, subrogation and property damage. These cases have concerned products such as chemicals, appliances, motor vehicles, machine tools, vessels, paints and solvents, farm tools, skis and bindings, swimming pools, swimming pool slides, pharmaceuticals, biomedical devices, sports equipment, electrical installations, ladders, scaffolding, automobiles and their components, clothing, power tools, tires, wheels, building and waterproofing products, roofing products, heavy machinery, sealants, flooring materials and bicycles.

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