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This part of the Literxry was written in In eszay present edition the reader can, as mentioned, compare at a glance this text with that of the Early Draft in various stages, aided by the editorial apparatus described later in this introduction. The revised life is less full, less varied in texture, than that of the Early Draft. Of it, and the three following pieces, Mill might equally well have noted that he was gaining practice in composition, though he had changed his model from James Mill to Carlyle.

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Liteary feel sure dear that the Life is not half written and that half that is written will not do. The number and nature of the differences make impracticable the usual method of recording variants in this edition. As it is there must be care taken not to put arms into the hands of the enemy. The Early Draft is a heavily worked over MS, with cancellations and interlined revisions on nearly every page, and a great many additional passages written and rewritten at left.

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It is unlikely that he worked on the draft between 5 and 23 January the date of the first letter quoted above. Mill died at Avignon on 7 May,and the will was proved in London on 5 September. Altogether, when we add the considerably longer stretches copied by Helen Taylor and the twenty-three leaves at the beginning in the hand of the unidentified French copyist, the transcript has over 2, variants, including more than substantives, from the MS that was its immediate source. The first printed text could have been much worse.

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They were mostly passages in which I had written, you thought, too much of the truth or what I believe to be the truth about my own defects. This is written on the four pages of a folded sheet of bluish-gray wove paper, page size c. Before beginning a leaf, he folded it once lengthwise, to divide each page into two long halves c.

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